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  1. Are you saying that instead of using Dimarzios or Duncans, etc. for magnetics that I can use some kind of virtual pickup?
  2. It would be nice to use the USA JTV as my main guitar, but I like my main guitars already so I am not sure I would want to change that out. You made a great point about the audience not knowing the difference, although I would like to go between the vaiax and magnetic in the same song. How do you find the vaiax magnetics? is it an easy swap putting say dimarzios in the Variax if I wanted to swap them out?
  3. I know I will get a bunch of different opinions here but I will ask.....I am not new to Line 6 at all but just new to Variax. I have looked up various threads and lot of them are older so before I buy, I would like current opinions. Are the JTV American's worth that much more money? Are the Shuriken's worth it? I will steer clear of the Variax Standards but wonder about the Korean JTV's. In the past I have read different opinions on changing out the necks on the JTVs and now that enough time has gone by, is this a good idea? I was thinking about using my normal guitar for most of the gig but having a Variax for some minor acoustic stuff, sitar parts, open G tuning for stone'ish stuff, open D for slide, etc. So using it for this, would the American made be that worthwhile or would the Korean made JTV's be good enough? Any thoughts would be great. thanks in advance. rick
  4. Again, you seem to be missing something. My friend did not come over and do it for me. He showed me how to do it and taught me how to understand it in a non complicated manner. I see now exactly what is going on. If I am in a band with someone and they want to know how to make a d min 7 flat five chord I can explain it fairly easily to them without going into my old four semesters of music theory and Bach four voice writing that I was required to do. Usually they say :That was easier than I thought.” I also know people who can really complicate it and then blame the misunderstanding on the student. There is an art to teaching my friend.
  5. I think you over complicated the process and my questions. I had a friend come over and read your post and he looked at the helix and said 'It doesn't have to be that complicated." I just went to the Command Center, change Command to Bank/Prog and then dial the preamp number (eg 56) hit save and it was done. Another guy on the Synergy forum said the same thing. Anyway, I do appreciate your time on this and if anyone else is having a problem, PM me. If I can do this, anyone can. It is basically a twp step process.
  6. Ah....SO when this is off it changes my patches ability to move between preamps. That makes sense. I don't have a Helix Floor model. I have the rack. I have not really found any differences in the two. I will be trying our the stuff you sent me in the next week. One other dumb question (among the many I have asked....) Once I change to some form of snapshot setting on the footswitches, I am stuck there, right? It would be cool to be able to have a preset one way and then one that has snapshopt for the next. However, seeing that the change is in global settings, that kind of says it all..... I really really appreciate your time and patience and hope that I can pay it forward to someone. thanks, rick
  7. Thanks for the help, but I am still kind of lost. 1) Do you have a SYN2? It has this fool proof MIDI system built in that works with the Helix and Helix presets. It also worked well with my old Digitech GSP 1101. Set up a preset, find the SYN2 preamp I want, hold a button in until it flashes, and then repeat for the next preset. Go back to the old preset and it automatically switches back to the amp that I assigned it. It works this way for Helix or the Digitech 2) I tried setting up a new preset with snapshots. I am finding if you are in snapshot mode, it kind of alters the old presets and then the old foolproof system does not work. So I guess I will have to forget about the old presets unless I go back to preset mode? 3) So once I am in snapshot mode, I am in snapshot mode? Not that it is a bad thing, it just seems to change a lot of stuff. I will have to get used to some new things here. You make it sound so simple and I think it is. I am just missing something really basic and may need to go back a few steps.
  8. I apologize up front for my MIDI ignorance. I have a SYN2 preamp and want to use my Helix to change channels in snapshots and I am totally lost. I have been told that it is simple once you get it but I have yet to get it. The SYN 2 is simple to program using presets....I go to a preset, set the preamp channel I want, hold down a button until it flashes and it is done. It does not work like this in snapshots. I was told that I have to " change the midi command preset number with each snapshot ." I don't have a clue how to do this. If someone could PM me and lay out a step by step "Helix for a complete MIDIot" set of instructions. I would appreciate it. I don't want to take up space on this forum and bore anybody. I have viewed a lot of videos on this to no avail.... thanks in advance! rick
  9. So in you guys opinion, what is the best video for understanding and setting up snapshots?
  10. Thanks everyone! You folks are the best!
  11. I have not had a need for the snapshot feature yet but I started checking it out last night and you are right.....that seems like the way to go. Hopefully the learning curve is not too steep. Thanks lot. PS Can the snapshots do MIDI changes?
  12. I know I can set a Helix footswitch to toggle between two effects but can it do three? What I am wanting is to do effect 1/effect 2/ off. I got the idea from my old iStomp by Digitech called the Impossible Pedal from Arian Ballew. What you do on it is hit the pedal once and it shifts your pitch to whatever you want, hit it again and you are at normal pitch and then the third time you hit it it switches to yet another pitch. Solos can get really outside and weird using this. I plugged the pedal into the FX loop and I can only get one pitch as the pedal is basically on all of the time and I switch it in and out.. I then had the idea of setting up two whammy FX on the Helix, one higher and one lower but then I run into the issue of how to get it turned off the third time I hit the FS. Any ideas out there?
  13. I don't have a bad back, but the reason I bought the Helix Rack is so I would not have to bend over to change things. I love having my rack at shoulder level on my rig....I just reach over and tweak away.
  14. Another way to go would be a second Xpression pedal dedicated to tweaking. You can pretty much control any parameter with a pedal like tremolo speed, gain, compression, etc.
  15. I have a Helix rack and I use it with a SYN 2. Some of my modules are dual channels= and I would like to use the MIDI feature to switch between them. Say I have a dual Dumble OD. I can easily set up a patch for the cleaner side and then another one for the higher gain side. What I would like to do is be able to have it switch channels within the same patch. Right now I have a patch called Dumble Clean and then a copy of that patch called Dumble Gain that I switch to and it will switch the channel via MIDI. I would like to just have one patch with a foot switch that goes from the clean side to the dirty side within the same patch if possible. I hope this make sense.... thanks rick
  16. Thanks Phil. I got off the phone with line 6 earlier and they were also baffled. It did it on all loops. They are thinking I need to send it back. I tried your suggestion about changing the loop to line level and that did the trick. It also changes the tone considerably in that a lot of highs seem to drop out. Are you thinking that I could maybe add the highs back in the global EQ? The odd thing is I have been using this for a year without the issue. I noticed it after the new update. However, I really think it must be coincidental as I have not heard of this issue with anyone else. Obviously something happened and it should not be acting this way. I may have to send it back although I Hate being with out it for three weeks!
  17. Also if I run the Helix directly into my amp (guitar in to Helix, out via left mono out) there is no clipping at all. Does it sound like a bad jack in the Helix FX loop somewhere?
  18. Yep. Everything was set for instrument. So I did more trouble shooting....if I run the Helix into my FX return (Which would be bypassing the preamps section of the amp and using amp models) all is well. If I go direct into the amp, all is well. It seems in 4CM when I send the preamp signal to the Helix it starts clipping.
  19. They said they were well aware of the issue and that updating to 2.8.1 would fix it. It did not....
  20. Not sure about that....is that an actual switch on the back like older hardware or is it internal? How would I find that? That is a good suggestion as it is that kind of clipping.
  21. So I went ahead and set up a patch where the only thin in it was my loop so I could run 4CM. The clipping is still there. It is interesting that it happens on the neck pickup more and also if I give the preamp more gain. It is like something is being overdriven in the Helix when it is returned from the preamp. Like I said, I have used two different amps FX loops and the issue is there for both, so it is definitely in the Helix.
  22. I tried quick pushes as well as holding it and it just had a mind of it’s own.
  23. PS I loved the line about “being a bassist it was a little daunting to get involved with the Helix.....” Kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing how bass players must look up to guitarists.
  24. So I have another thread on here about some input clipping which started in 2.8 and is still there in 2.81. I am wondering if I can do what you guys are saying and just restore my Globals if that might fix it? As I am not home my question would be if I do the above and get to the restore part, will I get a choice of restoring Globals to 2.71 which I backed up, or would I have to restore it to 2.8 which I also backed up? thanks! You guys are the best!
  25. I’ll for sure try that when I get home. Are you saying that going into global and switching the joy stick encoder from Selection to Model fixed it? That is great if I am getting what you are saying.
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