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  1. Long story short...I worked it out and am not sure how. I think it has something to do with the loop as I do 4CM and have a tube pre amp in the loop. It still has the signal coming through with the Helix volume all the way down which I don't get. But at least with the whammy on I don' have the stble note and the whammy-ed note going at the same time. thanks for your help.
  2. I was having the same issue with the Whammy pedal....one dry guitar signal staying firm and the other effected by the whammy. It is a kind of cool effect but I wanted one guitar with the whammy effect and no dry sound. I did all of the above: top path set to output path 2A and then bottom set to X "none." I still get the second guitar signal. Then I noticed something weird.... I turned my volume on the Helix down all the way and there is still a guitar signal coming through which makes sense in why I have the whammy issue. Any ideas on how to get rid of that dry signal coming through when the volume is all of the way down? I am pretty sure that this will clean up the whammy issue.
  3. So I hooked up both a Mission and an Ernie Ball VP and you were right about EXP 1 being for wah and EXP 2 for volume. I am sure there is a way to use one FS to toggle beteen wah and volume. Would you know how to do that? what I am after is, since I don't have a toe activated pedal, I would like to use one FS and use the same pedal for both wah and volume and be able to switch between them.
  4. The mission pedal I have is one that worked with my old M13 and POD HD500X so I assume it is compatible. Plus I can get the wah to work with it on the floor controller. I was kind of looking for a sample patch that had the volume pedal incorporated into it but so far they I can use it as a wah but not volume. thanks for this and any other future help!
  5. I assume on the regular Helix that it defaults to the volume pedal. However on the floor controller there is no pedal. I have a mission pedal and I can get it to use a way no problem. I put a volume pedal block in there and I can’t get it to work at all. I thought I read in the manual that it would automatically recognize a pedal that is plugged in.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has found the perfect Gig bag for the Helix rack floor controller?
  7. So it is now working beautifully. I started over and re-plugged everything in and now it is fine. It only took seven hours to get there and I swear I did not change anything! I am using a separate send and return. Can I just use the single send/return block? I am afraid to change anything as it is working. I am really liking the sounds. As I said, I had a POD HD500X and an M13 and liked them but the sounds on the Helix are so much more present..
  8. I unplug the Helix and the amp is really loud. As soon as I plug it in the volume drop. I will try it running direct to the amp like a normal pedal board large tonight and see what happens. I think it will work and I am suspecting something with the loop is the problem.
  9. Yeah, I have noise and the ground lift on the Helix doesn't help. I have had the same issue using the Digitech GSP1101 but just like the Helix, it only happens with certain amps and not others. I used an ART CoolSwitch Pro between the Helix and the Return on the amp and it works. The amp I am currently learning the Helix with is a Jaded Faith modded Randall RM20. There is still a little noise, but I think that is being caused by having the Helix directly on top of the amp without it being in a rack.
  10. I am using a combined send/return. I am not home now but will try your suggestions when I get home later. thanks so much for all of your help!
  11. So I checked and when I have the loop bypassed, I get the FX all going straight to the power section. When i do this, the volume knob works. When I engage the loop all of the FX after do not work and the volume knob is disabled. Someone asked what the outputs are set to. Where is that located? In global settings? It seems that since it does work when the loop is not engaged, it must be set to the 1/4".
  12. I figured it may have something to do with this.The big master volume knob has no effect on anything. I thought that maybe it was for XLR outs only. I am doing 4CM so I do use the 1/4 “ out but the master does nothing. Is there some internal way of turning it on or off? man ....so close....and yet so far away.
  13. No. So I have the volume drop with the loop on but the preamp in my amp is definitely working, just low volume and nothing after the loop comes through. When I do bypass the loop, it then bypasses my preamp and all of the FX after the loop come through.
  14. New to Helix but not Line 6. I have the Helix rack and finally got it running....sort of.....in doing 4CM i have my amps preamp in the loop but there is a big big volume drop. The tone is coming thorough but at the volume I have the preamp set at, I should not be able to be in the same room with it. Is there a master somewhere I am missing? Also I put the FX loop block on and can use FX before the loop but nothing is coming out after. eg. Comp->Distortion->loop-> delay-> etc....everything works up to the loop but nothing after. As usual, I am willing to bet there is something really simple going on that I am missing. thanks rick
  15. Sounds great. I will try them and thanks for your response. rick
  16. So one of the main reasons I got the Amplifi is the ability to play with backing tracks. I have iReal on my iPad and it is cool but all jazz stuff. Anybody have any favorite apps for R&R, Funk, R&B, wtc. backing tracks? thanks in advance.... rick
  17. I had the issue out of the box last might but luckily I was able to update the firmware using my iPad. I have to admit it was frustrating up until I looked at the forum and found the fix. Line 6, maybe you ought to take this stuff more seriously? you are not making long term friends this way.....
  18. Thanks everyone. I think with your help I have been able to work around the issue. Duncann, your referral to an earlier post hit the nail on the head as did you bug issue that was mentioned. I do seriously doubt that they will fix it......
  19. When I set up a wah and volume w/o the 2nd pedal it works fine.....the volume seems to default to exp 2 and the wah to exp 1. I guess I get lost from there. When I plug in the actual Mission pedal it becomes the volume and then I can turn the wah on with my toe, which isn't bad, but I like being able to toggle btw the on board pedal acting as both (which it does w/o the Mission plugged in.) It is just that if I try using the Mission for another parameter it gets really weird....sometimes the volume isn't on any more and sometimes I get volume and wah on the same pedal. I know that I am complicating this somehow. does anybody out there know of a custom tone that uses say the whammy pedal and the volume? Maybe that would help....or a video, but I still have not found the video. Also, I don't know if this will help anyone seeing how I am messing this up, but when I go to HD500x edit and then go to the controller tab, I set the model I want to use, then set the parameter, thenset it up to be controlled by say, exp 2. I thentry it out by moving exp 2 and the controller tab defaults back to "0." Arrrrgh! Thanks for listening....
  20. Another thought would be if someone knows a custom tone to turn me on to that has the two pedals involved and I can download it and backwards engineer it.
  21. So I got me a Mission pedal and have tried to assign it to various parameters and I go to the controller window in POD Edit and set it up and the moment I use the pedal, everything resets itself. What am I doing wrong here? Are there any videos that deal specifically with adding the second pedal? Most of the videos I see are about how to set up the on board pedal. It can't be that comlicated. I would love to be able to control tremolo speeds or echo volumes and still have the on board pedal set up for volume/wah. thanks in advance rick
  22. much thanks to all who had suggestions on this thread. I tried all of it and finally found what I was looking for. BillBee, the thread you sent about the send-jack had something that worked for me. i already had the mixer after the FX loop and then I did what someone on that thread suggested. Since I don't use the amp or speaker sims, I went to the mixer and set both paths to center and both levels to 12db. It boosted my volume with virtually no hiss. I knew it could be done somewhere on this unit. My sound is now what I hear in my head and again....NO HISS! Also I maight add, no tone suck....just clear as a bell sound. NOw if I tweak I am starting from a really nice sound and I tweak to refine it. Again, I really appreciate all of you guys and your ideas. rick
  23. I have a ground loop no matter which FX unit I use but that is a problem with the amp. I found a fix for that back when I used an M13. No, the hiss is high end hiss like when you have the gain really high except that it does it with the gain lower. Like there is some gain stage somewhere that I am not using correctly. thanks for all of the help BTW.
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