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  1. Variax 300, just getting back into using Workbench. I'm trying to set up a ukulele tuning. This would be string 1-4 up a 5th, and string 4 up an octave from that. I don't see it available in Workbench. Am I missing something?
  2. So, are we talking about running the XTLive in "Line" mode, or "Amp" mode while going through the FX loop? 4CM doesn't seem to be available for the XTLive.
  3. I'm using a Fender Deluxe 112 with XTLive. Anyone have good suggestions on setup? I'm setting the XT output to "amp" and going right in the front end. Would there be any reason to use the Power Amp in, or the Preamp Out?
  4. Interesting. But one could actually blend alt tuned guitar with standard tuned mag pickups? Wouldn't make any musical sense unless I wanted to call up a patch to play an atonal voicing not usually played on guitar, like FMaj7/GMaj7 that a pianist might play?
  5. How does the JT Variax work with the tuning changes? Are tunings even available for the JT? How does one mix the piezos with the magnetic pickups if the piezos are expediting a tuning alteration?
  6. But wireless won't connect the Variax with the XT Live like the DI cable, right? I can't have the XT Live change the guitar settings via wireless? Or am I missing the boat? With the "old" Variax, I can do tuning changes, as well. I don't really used alternate tunings, but it's good to know if I should want to do some kind of Drop D situation, or decide to start playing slide.
  7. I've been on Variax for about 7 years. I got two 300s with an XT Live. I used to tweak my tones and guitar models with Workbench, but haven't had any need to in possibly 5 years or so. I'm happy with the sounds, occasionally tweak a tone manually according to the room response. My question is this: with new gear out, like the X3 Live, James Tyler Variax, etc., are the old 300 models still supported? If I was to upgrade to the newest latest greatest, can I still use the Variax 300 model, with switching and guitar models intact? I certainly would love to get a James Tyler, but am not looking forward to the expense, as I'd need to get two for live work. Add that to potential x3 Live, or whatever is the latest, I'm looking at a small mortgage. What's most desirable? Variax 300 plugged into X3Live? James Tyler plugged into older XTLive? Stick with what I've got? Added question: how does Line 6 digital wireless work with Variax? Or does it? I use the Variax cable to power the guitar. Seems like wireless would be unavailable in this type of set-up.
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