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  1. @rd2rk probably knows this answer
  2. I am interested in learning how snapshots that I did not create are affecting the overall patch. For example, when hitting snapshot one it will increase gain on amp, reduce mix level of chorus, turn off wah pedal, etc.. IS there a way to see this? Kind of like reverse engineering. Thanks!
  3. Awesome. Im basically looking for ideas on what would sound cool to audience (rock/Country). For example, Im soloing with a solo snapshot, but in the middle of the solo to spice it up a bit I add something with the expression pedal to make the solo sound more interesting, dynamic etc.. The easy thing would be adding more drive/gain, but I do not want to do that. I will try the delay piece...any other tips you have is appreciated.
  4. Hi gang, looking for tips and best practices using the floor expression pedal in the middle of solos to add more interesting sounding solos (anything other than wah or volume). Any tips on what settings or fx you use for this? I’m very new to this concept and historically have just added a volume boost to make solos sound different. Thx.
  5. I have owned a floor unit for a while and just picked up the STOMP XL. I wanted to download custom tone (just like I do with Helix floor) and for some reason when I drag and drop the HX STOMP custom tone files in the the preset list, they import with ZERO blocks active. basically an empty chain. I have tried this with 8 different customtones and the same result. What am I doing wrong? HX Edit is up to date (using the same HX edit I use for the floor on a mac) HX Stomp XL is up to date
  6. I have had Helix Floor in our band for a while running FOH (XLR) works great. Another guitarist in the band would like to buy the Stomp XL to do the same via 1/4. Before I guide him to buy, I want to make sure there would be no difference for him to go straight to FOH with XL than it is for me with Helix Floor. Thanks!
  7. I am very New to understanding frequencies for guitar. I am in need of advice of where in helix to set the frequencies and what the frequency should be for two different scenarios. 1) Live performance straight to PA. 2) straight to DAW for recording. thanks!
  8. Sorry to be a pain, this is really freaking confusing to me and I have a bunch of gigs coming up and need to figure it out. So to recap, I only want to use the quilter for stage sound and to power my powerless 2x12 cab. However, I want that sound to match the FOH so I know what it sounds like to the audience (obviously). That said, can you tell me what the cable routing would be for the scenario above you describe where I do not need S/R block. It sounds like its not really a true 4cm because I would need the s/r block for that i thought. Thanks
  9. jmlakar

    4CB vs FRFR

    Hello, Another Newbie question. New to Helix and have been frustrated with building patches that can be used for both live gigging and headphone/recording. I've read that FRFR is a better method for this than 4CB. for gigging, I like to have stage sound vs. going straight to FOH/PA. I have a quilter interblcok 45w head with a powerless 2x12 cab. Can someone suggest the proper setup for what I have and looking to do? Thanks! https://www.quilterlabs.com/index.php/product/interblock-45 https://www.quilterlabs.com/index.php/product/interblock-45
  10. ok so you don't have the send and return in that diagram. is that not needed anymore with this method? See my picture below
  11. jmlakar

    4CM Signal Path

    Hello, 2 months in to this Helix and its amazing, but a bit overwhelming. been playing music for a long time, but never spend time learning proper fx and signal paths. That said, I will be downloading a few customtones/marketplace patches as a baseline to learn from, but had a question regarding 4CM. Since I will be using 4CM for live and NOT using 4CM for recording into DAW, i needed clarification on something. If I find a custom tone or preset I like and it DOESNT have the FX send and return in the signal path because it was not designed for 4CM, can I just drop in those blocks in the appropriate spot on the Helix preset signal path and be good. Conversely, if I have a preset that includes the 4CM FX send and return in the signal path, but I want to use that preset with my DAW and do not need the send and return, can I just bypass the send and return that is not needed? Thanks!!
  12. I love this, but a little confusing to me? Any chance you could screen shot the signal path would look like on the Helix to achieve this? I love the idea of using IR and simulated cabs/amps and essentially just using the Quilter for power for onstage monitoring/sound
  13. ok. Makes some sense, but couple clarifications. What do you mean by designing presets? I assume you mean I cannot have amp simulators in Helix because I am using Quilter for the amp? What is "IR" ?
  14. NEWBIE ALERT Purchasing a Helix and I already own a Quilter interblock 45w. Wondering the best sound option for live gigs. Currently I go POHD500x - 4 channel method with quilter interblock 45w into non powered 2x12 cabinet and then also from quilter interblcok house/soundboard to PAs . I like this setup, but a pain to tear down and setup constantly. Also, wondering if Helix technology is more advanced where i don't have to do this method anymore. I also want to make sure there isn't a better to maximize my equipment. Thanks!
  15. Newb question. I just upgraded from using the Hd500x direct to house and PA to using a micro head amp quilter inter block 45. I am wondering if I need to delete all of my amp mods on the 500X now that I am using this setup. Also, using the 4 channel method with quilter My setup: 500x > quilter interblock 45 w > 2 x12 cabinet 4 channel method which is also going to the board thanks in advance!
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