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  1. No responses probably because like most here we don't know much about the Kemper. If you are recording through a DAW and you don't have a separate interface or the Kemper doesn't record via the USB out, then you can hook your Kemper line out directly to the PC+. Run as high of a signal from the Kemper as you can for the best signal to noise ratio. I suspect that the input levels for the PC+ USB interface are going to be dependent on the level coming into the PC+. I have never recorded from my PC+ so I am not sure. By all reports, the inteface will be very good.
  2. Wow. This is an old thread. I bought an HX FX before I upgraded from my HD500x to the Helix, and I was doing 4CM with it. I will still sometimes hook the HXE with my 2 DT25s and use a preamp from one of them. I guess that is 5CM. It does sound fantastic. I use my 2 DT25s via L6L and I think it sounds glorious. I don't use the preamp models any more because I prefer the sound of the full models. I'll have to try setting up some patches to compare the DT preamps with my favorite amp models in the Helix. Were you using full or preamp models in your Helix?
  3. Hi, You will need to purchase a compatible Midi controller and cables. There are a lot of posts about what midi interface to use. I purchased a M-Audio interface. Worked great with my DT25 amps. Just google "DT25 firmware midi interface" to see other discussions about this. Congratulations on the purchase. They are great amps.
  4. You could also pick up one of the old Pod HD Devices with Line6 Link and not have to worry about the Midi programming. You would further be able to have better control of the preamp selections.
  5. No, you set the PodHD to line out and run an instrument cable from the 1/4 our of your PodHD to the effects return of your amp. That would be the case if you are doing 4CM, or just amplifying an amp/preamp model in the PodHD.
  6. No. There is not an RJ45 jack on the back which is needed for the older floor boards. There is only a 1/4 jack of which the Tip controls the "Channel" and the "Ring" enables or disables the "effect".
  7. I do a lot of fiddling around trying different things. That's how I knew what Agosto wanted to do would work. It is pretty cool that if you are just a bedroom/basement/studio player, you can hook up a bunch of options to your Helix and activate the configuration just be changing the patch and turning on the desired amp. But.... We have to remember to play the guitar!
  8. I have a 6 foot long oak bench behind my desk with one PC112+ on each end connected via line6 link. Works and sounds great. Using patches to get washy stereo delays with lush reverb, it's very satisfying.. When I finally get around to rearranging my office, I'll put one on each side of my desk to get more separation
  9. It seems like they L6 is trying to make this more like a traditional tube guitar amp with a separate preamp and power amp with the ability to put pedals in front or between them. Seeing the the different types of amps listed, they maybe be doing some power amp modeling to make the 4cm suggested in the pilots guide authentic. And I see that there are thee types of cabinets selectable in the remote app. So if you are plugging a Helix or HXS directly into the return as is also suggested in the pilots guide, there must be some difference in selecting amp model types that should effect the sound coming from the power amp and speaker section. I haven't seen anyone talk about that or show any results of testing yet, but I would want to know that is the case before I bought it to use as an alternative to the powercab variants. If it's true, it would be a great option to use in place of a powercab. I'm tempted to get one to play with, but I have a Helix and Powercabs, so I don't know that I would get any benefit from this.
  10. I have two Powercab 112+ that are sitting about a foot apart in my office. I get nice separation from them. I could separate them further but haven't gotten around to it. They are a good option for what you want to do.
  11. You won't go wrong purchasing a Stomp or HX LT or Floor. I am primarily using the Helix Floor with a line 6 link cable to the powercabs 112+. One powercab can get very loud. It will hang well with a loud drummer at my practice venue.
  12. For bedroom use, most amps, cabs, FRFR solutions are going to be overkill. A good set of studio monitors would be "Best". But investing in a good powered cabinet may give your many years of use. And who knows you might want to play outside of the bedroom? The HX Stomp will some day be replaced by something else you want to use, but a good Powered Speaker or analog amp/FRFR will be useful far longer. I have JBL Monitors, HeadRush FRFR 112 and PowerCab112+, and they all provide good output for a small room. Even my tube amps when integrated with my Helix sound great in a small room at low volume. A good hand wired analog tube amp will be useful and repairable far longer into the future than a digital modeling amp like the Catalyst or Katana, but they are fairly low cost to replace in the future. This topic always results in options overload.
  13. I don't have a stomp, so I don't know if it can be done. I don't think it has two inputs, but I do see it has effects returns, so it might be possible to have the electric on one path, and acoustic on a second. Powercab 112+ has only one analog input. If you have a small mixer, you could have 2 stomps going to 1 PC 112+. Maybe use one HX Stomp and one HX effects for the acoustic. With a Helix Floor, you can definitely do what you are asking about. There are a number of folks around using one helix for two guitarists. For example, your electric guitar in HXF "guitar in" on path A, and Acoustic in "Aux in" on Path B. Both can be merged into one output to Powercab 112+ or 212+ via Line 6 Link, or just quarter inch or XLR outputs. HX LT doesn't have a preamp in the Aux in, so you might have to use a small preamp for the acoustic. See Steve Sterlacci's youtube videos on Helix. At one time was using one Helix Floor for both his electric guitar, and his Wife's live. He controlled her effects for her.
  14. I think it's doable. I've messed around with 7cm a few times and while possible, it was a hassle. I don't even mess with 4cm much any longer. It sounds like you are not necessarily attempting to have both the MBE and AC30 going at the same time, but you can, and you can have patches setup to use only one or the other at a time. There are 4 separate paths in the Helix, so you have flexibility to do whatever you want just by changing a patch. Electric guitar in -> HX Guitar In -> {Path A} [Some effects blocks] -> {Path A} Send 1 out -> guitar in MBE, MBE Effects Send -> Return 1 -> [more effects blocks] -> HX output L -> MBE Effects Return {Path B} Send 1 out -> guitar in AC30, AC30 Effects Send -> Return 2 -> [more effects blocks -> HX output R -> AC30 Effects Return Acoustic guitar in -> Aux In -> {Path C} [some HX effects] -> HX XLR L -> Acoustic Amp. You could do some variations where the two preamps are summed up to Path A with stereo effects and out L and R for cool stereo sounds. Now what I would do with all of that setup, I would create some patches that use helix amp/preamp models instead of the tube amp models and have the output go to the tube amp power sections. I use the full amp models in the house because I can't really turn up the volume very often to get saturation of the power amp tubes, but also the preamp models are all over the place volume wise. You could even setup patches where you use preamp models from your tube amps and send the output to your acoustic via the XLR as an "FRFR" speaker. Heck, you could create a cool wet/dry/wet patch with all three amps also! The possibilities are endless. Have fun
  15. I have played my Helix floor through combinations of tube amps, Headrush 112 Powercab 112+, Powercab 112, and various other powered PA speakers over the years. Some sound better than others, but they are mostly similar to me. I would buy the best small PA speakers I could afford and a small mixer so you have room to expand in the future. As your venues grow, you can even use the same speakers as monitors for bigger PA Speakers. I have taken my headrush 112 speakers and used them as a PA, and I think they sounds great. But they are going to be overkill for a single room venue. I heard a headrush 108 Saturday for the first time. It was strange that the guitarist using it had a fancy headrush board and the venue mic'd his headrush 108. It sounded fine in the house. I was very surprised how good the high gain amp modeling sounded coming out of that little speaker . If you find a couple of small PA speakers like the Headrush 108 you would have the portability convenience, and affordability with room to grow in the future. I hear the Powercab 212+ does some magic to create stereo spread, but I've never heard it.
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