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  1. Congratulations. Great amp integration. That's what a lot of folks did to integrate their Helix to the DT amps prior to the update for line6 link control. I'm sure some Stomp owners would appreciate you sharing those 4 presets on Customtone.
  2. Is the Asparagus model supposed to be included in firmware 3.2? I love the texture and how it breaks up when its really cooking. Though you have to be careful not to turn the gain up or it gets mushy.
  3. I like using the DT25 on it's own also. It's a great amp, and I love the tones. When I used the HD500x with the DT25 via L6L, I got all confused at first. Once I figured out that the preamps and reverbs in the DT25 are exactly the same as what's in the HD500, I figured out to use DTEdit to find out what the default preamps were for each of the 4 topoligies, and then just used the associated preamps or full amps in the HD500. Most of the time, I use the full amp model because I'm not playing loud enough most of the time to saturate the power section, and I get more control from the HD500. It's important to get your HD500 and DT up to the most recent firmware levels. When you do, you get even more options. You can pair any of the preamps/amps in the HD500 with the power amp configurations. It's quite remarkable and should sound the same as you hear from the DT25 standalone if you match everything up. Hope you get it worked out.
  4. Heiko, I don't think we really understand exactly what you are trying to do. We don't usually see people using Tube Amps as stomp boxes. Especially when we have a Helix device. I think I understand what you are trying to do now. You want to put effects like distortion in front of your 6505 utilizing the preamp/power amp sounds and then have things like reverb and delay after the power amp so you can enjoy lush stereo out of your power amp. After reading and re-reading several times, I think this is what I am hearing you are trying: Guitar -> stomp -> effect block(s) -> HXS Send -> 6505 guitar in -> 6505 Power Amp Out -> Load Box Line Out-> HXS Return -> effect block(s) - HXS Outputs (L & R) -> Stereo Power Amp In (L &R) -> Stereo Cabs. If that is correct, you could have some issues. Note, I don't have a stomp, but do have Helix and HX Effects. 1. The HXS Send might be set to "Line" level instead of instrument which can cause the preamp to not work the way/sound it would if the output was set to "instrument" level. 2. The HXS Return might be set to instrument, and you are flooding it with Line Level from the load box. 3. You don't say what the load box is, but make sure you are only sending line level to the HXS Return not attenuated output levels designed to go to speakers at reduced volumes. Make sure your stomp is working properly by using a simple patch that is setup like guitar -> HXS Input -> effect block(s) -> Amp+Cab block -> effect block(s) -> HXS Outputs (L & R) -> Stereo Power Amp In (L &R) -> Stereo Cabs. Most of us with Helix devices would not bother to do what you are trying because the amp models in the HX sound fantastic, and we can load an Impulse Response to get the sound of the cabinet we want. 4 cable method allows folks to use their HX device with their beloved amp's preamp and power amp and place the HX time based effects before the power amp. I don't bother with 4 cable method because I like the preamp and full amp models in the Helix. I do like to take the output from the Helix to an amp's effects return to use an amps power section.
  5. Hi Z3, I put your 8 effects and effects loop on my HX Effects and it all works fine. All 8 effects can be enabled at the same time including the wah(chorme). You can copy this to another preset location and swap other effects without too much difficulty. I didn't try swapping much, but I did swap in the new "Hot Springs" reverb and adriatic delay. Patch file is attached below. Bob Z3LegacyBoard.hlx
  6. I use Option 3: Helix Left XLR Out -> Headrush FRFR-112, Helix Right XLR Out -> Headrush FRFR-112. HR112s are on a stand, volume at 12:00, sounds great.
  7. Hi Jesse, The DT50 212 has the same outputs as the DT50 112, and looking at a picture of the back, there are 2 8 ohm speakers, and the jack is plugged into the 16 ohm output jack meaning they are wired in series. This tells me that the amp is a 50 watt just like it's sibling the 112. There are not 2 stereo amps. The spider 3 150 212 info I looked at said it was stereo. The tendency of making 212 combo amps stereo seems to mostly be in the Digital Modeling amps. I have a Spider V 240hc head, and it is stereo. So if you want stereo with DT Amps, find yourself another one. I have 2 Dt 25s, and they are incredibly loud. I can't imagine what 2 DT50s would be like.
  8. Not going out of the PC+ XLR to the FOH. The stereo signal is in the L6L, but there no practical way of sending that to a board for a stereo signal.
  9. Sorry about my enthusiasm. My reply was meant to encourage Jakeman19 to go ahead and get the Helix. He seems to be on the fence because of the integration. Thank you for figuring out the existing behavior for DT control.
  10. If you really don't want to do a backup, you can use the line6 updater instead of updating from HXEdit. I've done this a few times to start from factory defaults. Though I always forget to set a few global parameters I like to use so I always backup now.
  11. Or you can reset the amp back to factory settings by squeezing topology and pentode switch together when you power on.
  12. I think the Helix DT Amp integration that they put in there for us is very good. The only thing the HD does better is automatically switch from full amp models to pre, and associate the amp/pre models with the amp type and feedback loop. With the Helix, you have to know which class you want and setup the output section the way you want. It's not to hard to figure out what sounds bets for the models in the Helix. That integration wouldn't make sense with the Helix because the HD models don't lineup with the Helix. I agree with Stooxie it would be awesome to be able to control the reverb, but I understand why they don't do that. Most folks aren't going to be happy with using a HD reverb when they have the better reverbs in the Helix. I'm very happy with the Helix DT integration the way it is.
  13. Hi, Try plugging an instrument cable from the effects send to the effects return. On mine, the volume is the same both ways. If they are different there could be a problem with the amplifier. I can't imagine that there would be something wrong with the tubes if things work well when there is nothing in the effects loop. When I connect my HX Effects in 4CM, it works great. I get lots of volume. I hope you get it figured out.
  14. These devices aren't a crap shoot. They sound really good in the end. It does take a bit of effort some times, but well worth it. Find a used HX Stomp and experiment with it. You should be able to sell it for what you have in it if you don't like it. By itself, its a great amp and effects modeling pedal, and you can use it for all kinds of things with what you already have.
  15. sjturbo, Some confusion might be that there is a line 6 product called the "HX Effects". It contains all of the effects from the helix and stomp but no amp, preamp, or cabinet simulations. The "Litigator" sound is very dependent on the amp model in the Helix. It sounds really great, and I commend you for aspiring to use it. That being said, the sound you are going to hear is all dependent on what you put after that amp block either in the Helix or out side of it. So if you put your helix in the guitar in of the MM or Carvin VT50, the sound is going to be changed by the preamp, amp stage, and speaker/cabinet of those amps. So you are already dealing with a moving target. There is no "effect" for the litigator sound. It is a custom designed amp not modeled on any real world amp, so some might argue that the litigator sounds is many things.... If you purchase one of the Helix or HX Stomp models, you will have the Litigator amp model, and that can be fed into a variety of speakers and amplifiers. For your situation, you can use the litigator preamp or full amp model into the effects return of the Carvin VT50 to drive some kind of speaker cabinet. That could sound fantastic if the power amp of the VT50 sounds good and you have speaker you like. It might not sounds anything like what I would get running the Litigator model with the recommended cabinet into my PowerCab 112+. And that sounds great to me on my Helix/PowerCab combo. Now for your question about effects. There are some drive pedals that might get you close to a litigator sound and feel if you go into the MM amp. You can even use the litigator preamp and amp model as a drive pedal into the MM and who knows, it might sound great. Hope this helps you.....
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