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  1. bobcoss

    extension cord ok for hx power supply?

    The output from the power supply is not very high, so you can make do with an inexpensive extension cord. I've used lamp cord type extension cords for mine from the dollar store because they don't take up much space in my bag and they are easy to replace. It's always good to have a good surge protector with any electronics you value but that's a personal acceptance of risk. I don't generally carry around a surge protector.
  2. bobcoss

    HD500 L6 Link to DT50 + Mono XLR OUt = Stereo ?

    I did it once upon a time with my HD500 going line6 link panned to left, and 1/4 out panned right going to the effects return on a peavey classic 30. It sounded pretty cool. I got nice stereo effects. But I never repeated the experiment, and now I'm using Helix with 2 Headrush FRFR12 and my DT25. I think it's very doable.
  3. bobcoss

    Amp Wish List For The Next Update (whenever That Is)

    I like McDonald's Hot Cakes personally. IHOP's pan cakes are ok.
  4. bobcoss

    Revv amps/pedals in POD HD500?

    My guess is "never". They haven't done a firmware release for HD since like 2015. I think you are stuck doing an effects loop with your Revv pedals but I would just stick them at the front of the HD and plug your guitar into one of the pedals. You shouldn't need a compressor with those pedals inline, and you could put one at the beginning of the chain in your HD for clean tones. It seems like the HD series is more or less a final product at this point.
  5. bobcoss

    Amp models into an amp

    Plenty of flexibility with the stomp. You can put a full amp in the chain and run it into a guitar amp, but it is probably going to not sounds like what you are expecting. As folks above had said, you might or not like the sounds. Some great options are: - Put a preamp model in the chain, and send the output to the effects return on your amp and get a lot of great sounding combinations. - Use the stomp as an effects only box with no modeling right into your amp - split the chain and send a full amp/cab/ir model to front of house, and just the effects to your amp on the backline. - Use the stomp as an amp in a box pedal for your pedalboard. Bonus, you get some great effects in your chain also! For the money, you get great flexibility, fantastic amp models and effects.
  6. It depends on what you want to do with some of those other pedals you mentioned and where you would use them in a traditional sense. I am going to assume that you want to divide your HXE into two sections, front of preamp (FP), and effects that are after the preamp and before the output stage (BO). Lets say you want to use the spark as a clean boost before the output section of your amp, you could setup things this way: guitar -> Wah -> HX In - FP[ HX Heir Apparent -> HX Minotaur, Send/Return ] HX Send 1 -> pog -> Amp Guitar In Amp Effects Send -> Whammy -> HX Return 1 BO[ HX Vintage Digital Delay -> HX Glitz Reverb] -> TC Spark -> Amp Effects Return. On your HXE, the patch would look something like this [ Heir Apparent -> HX Minotaur ]-> Send/Return -> [Vintage Digital Delay -> Glitz Reverb ] I setup this change for you to show you can put your effects anywhere before and after the different HXE sections, and get the chain setup the way you want it. It is super flexible. If you had to, you can setup yet another send/return block in the HX and put more effects on your board that would be controlled by your HXE, but that just starts making things too complicated in my opinion. The order you want to setup your pedals is of course the determining factor. I just stuck the spark as a boost in this sample to show how you can have the following sections and put your pedals anywhere in the chain: Guitar [Pre HXE Pedals Section] -> [HXE Front of Preamp section-> HX Send/Return block ] -> [ other pedals before guitar amp] -> Amp guitar in Amp Effects Send -> [Pedals before HXE] -> HX Effects Return[ HX BO Section] -> [ Pedals before Amp Output Section] -> Amp Effects return. Hope this inspires you to some creative pedal paths. Bob
  7. bobcoss

    Send Path 1 out and to Path 2 simultaneously?

    Near the end of your path add a "Y split" lock to open up path 1b. Put the effects you want in 1a and set the 1a output to XLR, and pull down 1b to output 1b, and set it to digital and specify your powercab parameters. If you need more blocks in the paths, you can have one of the paths above go to 2a and or 2b and set 2a to XLR, and 2b to digital. This is from memory so my "labels" might not be correct. You have to have at least one active block in your b paths after a Y split.
  8. bobcoss

    Helix and the DT amps

    FenderFlame, you could always get an XLR adaptor to 1/4 and run that back to your effects return on the helix on another path and throw in effects and IRs to taste. seems like too much effort to me to send to front of house. I would just use the Helix amp/cab/ir to go FOH. You mentioned you would like to do this: Path one - Helix pre amp - DT25 via L6 Link. Path two - the signal from path one sent to Helix cab or IR to XLR out, FX send or 1/4" out to take a signal to a PA mixer. I did something like that Monday night to build a Wet Dry Wet patch with my DT25 and two Headrush FRFR212 speakers. I setup in path 1 with the drive blocks into a "Y split". I continued on Path 1a to my Amp/Cab -> stereo delay, and stereo reverb blocks. -> Output 1A was set to XLR. Path 2a I sent to the preamp block and then set the output to "digital" and there setup my topology for the DT25. You have to remember to pull down the return 1B from path 1A to the output 1A or it just get combined back into 1A. That's the best I can tell you from memory at work. Its very doable.
  9. bobcoss

    A&C block vs. Amp block + Cab Block - resources used

    Wow. Good tip Steve! I missed that completely.
  10. bobcoss

    dialing in tones

    Good advice above. I recommend you look at the discussions and youtube videos about setting the level for your Helix output xlr or 1/4. I have my XLR output set to max by not being effected by the big output knob. I allow the big knob to adjust my 1/4 for backline adjustment. Also read up on gain staging so that you don't end up with digital clipping. Essentially, you don't want to push the input of your amp models too high. It can sound muddy, harsh, or clip weirdly.
  11. bobcoss

    Helix II

    My Ouija board says Spring 2020.
  12. bobcoss

    POD HD500X cuts out in live performance situations

    hmmm. 1/4 out direct to amp should be as stable a connection as possible assuming the cable is good. It wouldn't hurt to try a small "office" type UPS maintain power if you have one available. You might want to clip off the buzzer so it doesn't make nasty sounds when the power flickers..... I guess I don't have any other ideas. Good luck with troubleshooting.
  13. bobcoss

    POD HD500X cuts out in live performance situations

    Hi. I used mine live for 6 years and only had problems because of bad cables to FOH or folks screwing up the mix. I've never had problems with power before. I doubt the unit would just cut out sound, I would think it would have more catastrophic effects like seeing it reboot. But that is hard to say. There is no doubt that power problems will affect things on the stage, but in reality, the HD500(x) isn't using that much power. What are you using for output when you are playing with a full band? Direct to FOH using XLR, 1/4 out to a Direct box?, To an amp etc? I've had faulty Direct boxes, etc.
  14. bobcoss

    Connecting PodHD500 ro SpiderV 60

    Yes. You can use it. There are some nice effects in the HD500 that will sound good with the Spider V. Run the output from the HD500 must to the guitar in, don't use an amp/cab model, and put your gate, compressor, distortion and modulation effects in the chain. Another way to do it would be to use the amp/cab models and set the output to combo amp. Pick a clean amp (or disabled) model on the Spider V if you do that. I recommend you use the Spider V's delays and chorus to get the best time based effects regardless of those solutions. My guess it isn't sounding good because of the output mode you are using on the HD500, and you are probably using an amp model on both HD500 and the V. you are going to have to read the manuals and play around with this a bit. On my 240HC, I have even taken the headphone output from both my Helix and HD500X to the aux in and used it as an FRFR amp. It sounds very good. You won't be able to use the HD500 to change patches on the Spider V no matter what you do, so you might as well get the control board and use the built in effects of the Spider V instead.
  15. bobcoss

    Problem : HX Effects Wet/Dry with an FX Loop

    How about more details about what amps you are using, and what they have. What is it you want to acomplish? With only two amps, wouldn't you want to run stereo with delay and reverbs creating a nice wash in the left and right with the dry signal in the center of both?