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  1. My comments were based on reviewing the specs for the Carvin X1 not on any practical experience. I noticed it has a 1 watt speaker output to drive a cabinet, and a line level preamp out. That's what I was referring too. I don't know what the X1 does in their 1 watt power amp section that could add to the sound. Some amps do have some interaction with the preamp, and the power amp, and my understanding about "presence" is that it typically affects the power amp section on a tube amplifier. In this preamp model, it might not be the case and should be easy enough to figure out. I don't know enough about the difference between line out power levels vs. 1 watt of output so I don't know what would happen if you take that 1 watt out and go into the HXE or Helix as input. Might not do anything, but I personally wouldn't try it. Regardless. HXE is very powerful, and should marry well with the X1. I've used my HXE with several amps in 4CM, and it works very well. I got some very memorable tones from my HXE and DT25 amp in 4CM. I would have gone that route all the time except it's heavy and a hassle to setup. My biggest wish for Line6 would be to expand the digital connection concept of Line6 Link to be bi directional so I could plug in something like the HXE to a Line 6 amp, and be able to do 4 cable method type configurations with just one cable. Just dreaming.....
  2. Sorry if I've misled you. I've always been able to update my HXE and Helix Floor with Line 6 Updater under windows. Don't know if Mac or older versions of the operating systems have anything to do with it.
  3. bobcoss


    I seem to remember having a problem like this 8 or 9 years ago. I remember there is a procedure for for calibrating the pedal. Google it. There is a lot of info about it. Maybe that will solve your problem.
  4. Safe mode is for restarting your amp after you had a problem flashing the firmware in a previous attempt. I don't think it will make any difference in helping with MIDI issues. I don't remember the sequence, but you might want to do a factory reset.....
  5. I use the Helix Floor more than anything these days. At home I hook it up to a couple of Powercab+112 or DT25 amps. The integration is very nice, and it sounds fantastic. But when I leave my Helix at the practice space, I pull out an HD500 to play/practice. It doesn't have the more advanced modeling, and vast selection of amps and effects, but it still sounds very good. The DT amps are so versatile. If you don't use a lot of effects, it might keep you happy for some time.
  6. Do you have a scenario do you get a good sound with you HD500x and the Soundssource without the DT25? I know how to get the DT25 and powercab to sound good together, but don't know anything about the Soundsource.
  7. Welcome. I've used my 240hc several times recently, and had no more occurrences of the clicking thing. I was just sitting here thinking how good it sounds. I might need to use this more often.
  8. Yes. You need to use the Line 6 Updater to get the best results. There is a pinned topic in this form that emphasizes it. Backup using HX Edit, update using the line 6 updater.
  9. If I was going to us the Carvin X1 preamp, I would use it as a traditional amp and 4 cable method. That is: guitar -> HX [ compressor, distortion pedal(s) ...] HX effects send 1 -> X1 input ... X1 mono send -> HX return 1 [ impulse response, volume, delay(s), reverb(s)] HX left out -> PS170 -> cabinet. I would not use the speaker out on the Carvin X1. I don't think it would add anything. BUT The Helix has such fabulous preamps and amps that I would only go live with the Helix to front of house. If you only want one sound based around the X1, then the solution above would work great.. These days, I go Guitar -> Helix -> Mixer and monitor with in-ears. If I really want stage volume or to feel the air behind me, I'll put a powercab + 112 or 2 there. I almost always use the powercabs at home for practice. Sometimes I use Line 6 DT25 amps after the Helix just so I can remember what tube amps sounds like (to me exactly just like the powercabs... Ha!) The think I love about using the DT25 amps for my power stage is that I can use different topologies. It's amazing the options available.
  10. You didn't mention how you went about the upgrade. With my HX Effects, I downloaded the latest HX Edit from the main downloads section of the line6.com website and installed that. It puts the most recent version of line6 updater, drivers, and of course hx edit. Next you connect your HX Effects to the computer, and back it up. You can skip that step if you haven't created any patches. After that, run the Line 6 Updater. It will prompt you through the process and will likely suggest you install firmware 3.02 (The latest I have installed on mine). Always start with the HX Edit download in the future. I imagine it failed because you had such an old version of the HX Edit installed on your computer.
  11. Here are a couple of other ways you can connect the Helix to your Spider V: 1. Connect the 1/4 Left (mono) to the input of your S5. If you use the amp and cab/IR in the Helix, then select a user patch on the S5 that has no amp or cabinet selected. You can do the opposite and bypass amp/cab/ir blocks, and have the patch on the S5 do the amp and cab simulation. Both should yield decent results. I use an HX Effects into my 240hc and I get good results. I've never bothered to hook up my helix to directly though. 2. Take the stereo headphone outputs from your Helix to the Auxiliary input on the S5. That has worked nicely for me on my 240hc.
  12. I have had the clicking thing happen a few times to me lately. Though I think I had to manually turn it off and restart it to get normal behavior. I tried it just now and it started right up and sounded great. I don't use it much anymore, but it sits next to my office desk so I can noodle around during phone meetings when I'm on mute..... I haven't felt the need to open a ticket about it. Have you created a ticket with Line 6 yet?
  13. When you control the Powercab+ from your Helix as shown in the screen prints above, the Indicator on the Powercab doesn't change. When you flip through options via HX Edit with your Helix, you can hear the differences between the modes, models, and IRs. I hope they get around to remedying this because it doesn't inspire confidence when you are building your patches.
  14. I don't really understand why you would do the second effects send/return. I prefer to have modulation, delays, reverbs after the IR unlike you would do with a real amp with a send/return. I would just do the following: GUITAR -> HX FX main input -> wah -> compressor -> fx send 1-> external overdrives-> amp front -> captor line out->FX return 1->IR block->modulation, delays and reverbs->HX out to audio interface
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