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  1. bobcoss

    DT25 COMBO and ditto looper

    To upgrade the firmware, you need (form the DT25 support firmware page): A MIDI interface that connects to your computer via USB (download the current Driver for it if you don't have it installed) MIDI cables (or a MIDI interface that includes integrated MIDI cables) Latest version of the Line 6 Monkey application installed. Download Line 6 Monkey here
  2. bobcoss

    DT25 COMBO and ditto looper

    No, When you change to Channel B, and all of the output characteristics are different, your output stage is going to be different, so you are combining the recorded "preamp" characteristics of your A channel with the loop, and when you switch to B, you are going to hear a combination of the A Preamp, with B'a power amp/output settings. I don't know enough to say what settings change or control the power amp section. If you can figure out how to change only the preamp settings, you could theoretically get what you are looking for.
  3. I have verified this with many patches, the topology, class, etc. All change to whatever you have set in the preset. Its like it's doing a behind the scenes send to your DT with a return, so you can put your effects after the amp, and then the final output goes back to the DT. So you are using the preamp or amp on your POD, but the output stage on your DT and the effects show up however you specify in your chain on the POD.
  4. bobcoss

    Spider V + Pod HD500x + Variax Standard

    I have run my HD500x and Helix into the aux in jack on the back of my Spider 5 240hc. It should pretty good. I tried the same with my old Spider IV 75, and it didn't sound too good. If you happened to see a used Spyder V 30 for say $75 and you couldn't pass it up, you could do the AUX In cable thing, or plugin to the guitar in and have it set to "no amp" and use it for playing at your home. But I wouldn't buy the Spider V just as the output for your HD500 though. Buy something like a Headrush FRFR-1212 instead. It will serve you well for many years as you upgrade to new modelers in the future. It costs more than a spider V 30, but you will be better off in the long run. My HD500x sounds great though the Headrush FRFR. I plan to purchase a second so I can hear stereo effects.
  5. bobcoss

    HD500x vs HX Effects

    David, I have both. There are really good effects in the HD500, but they are dated. Don't get me wrong, you can use the HD500 for 4CM with your existing AMP and SIMS you currently use. For the used prices, it's a steal. If strapped, I would buy a used HD500 or HD500X and later sell it for the HX Effects. You should be able to purchase a used But the delays and reverbs in HX Effects are fabulous and worth the extra cash if you can swing it especially with the 2.6 firmware. You might find yourself even using some the spectacular drives also.
  6. bobcoss

    Can I emulate an amp and cab without a microphone?

    Hey Binderupsessions, Yes, you can split the path, and put the cab block only on the path to the XLRs. Each path is stereo. The routing possibilities on all of the Helix devices is amazing. Bob
  7. bobcoss

    Can I emulate an amp and cab without a microphone?

    Hi Guys, Cruisinon got the just of my long winded question. I was really referring to getting the "amp in the room" with just an FRFR speaker or through the PA. The Powercab is looks really nice, but I think I would just take my DT25. I understand this thing enough now to figure out how to split a path to the PA, and to the DT. I haven't actually been successful with the Helix and the DT25 yet. I understand the line6 link limitations. But the HX Effects sounds really nice with it in 4CM. Thanks guys
  8. Hi, This is probably a dumb question, but I'm only 2 weeks in with my helix. I've been reading the forums and watching youtube videos and It's a bit overwhelming. I'm getting accustomed to the new box, but one thing I keep asking myself is "Can the Helix more directly emulate an Amp and Cabinet without a microphone?" My HX Effects box sounds fantastic with my DT25 in 4CM, and my Helix sounds nice with my Headrush FRFR. but as others have said, the Helix still at best sounds like the recorded amps with the specific selected microphone. I guess I won't get the same "Amp in the room" sounds like I do going 4CM or direct into one of my tube amps. But can I get close to sounding like the real amp with the Helix? Thanks for your thoughts. Bob
  9. bobcoss

    Helix Factory Preset Bundle

    Thank you everyone for the great support!
  10. bobcoss

    Helix Factory Preset Bundle

    Hi, I bought a used Helix Floor, and it came with the 2.60 firmware and some IR's and Sample Presets that use them. I would like to do a reset of the unit to make sure that the Factory presets for firmware version 2.60 are installed, but don't want to loose the IR's and other sample presets. First, are the factory presets updated with firmware releases? Is there a way besides "backup" to save a copy of the IRs so they get loaded into their original locations if I do a full factory reset? Thank you in advance for your support. Bob
  11. bobcoss

    HX Effects With Dream Rig

    I have the hd500x and the DT25 also. I've been playing around with the hx effects with both. First of all, you can put your hx effects in the chain with your dt25 in the 4cm and it will work great. You can even connect a midi cable from the hxfx to the dt25 to control everything as your specified. If you are heart set on using the tubes and cabinet settings on the DT25, I don't think I would even connect up the hd500x. But the crazy thing is you can..... connect your hxfx with your hd500x using the 4cm and use your line6 link to your dt25. I have been creating patches for 4cm on the hxfx and the hd500x and it sounds fantastic. I put the extra send/return from the hxfx back to the hd500x return so that I can utilize the amazing stereo effects, and I can't believe how it sounds with headphones. I haven routed the hd500x to multiple amps yet for stereo effects, but I plan to when I get some time. I'm envisioning doing some wet/dry/wet stuff with these tools. Here is my routing plan for the hxfx and hd500x for 5/6 cable method. Guitar -> input on hxfx put mono effects like compressors and eq and drivers here on the hx effects. put effects send/receive block in the hxfx route the l/mono send output to the guitar in of the hd500x place any other pre-amplifier effects you might want on the hd500x think volume pedal limiter etc. (How about a dual amp setup now that you don't have the DSP limits!) put a the effects loop block after the mixer on the hd500x route send mono or TRS splitter from the hd500x send back to the return left/right on the hxfx Now put your awesome delays and reverbs in the chain after the send/recieve block on the hxfx route your left/right output from the hxfx to the return of the hd500x if you want (not necessary if you are going to take outputs from hxfx directly to frfr amps) If you do, you can use headphones on your hd500x, route outputs to dt25 with or without l6link or other amps using the outputs. The possibilities are unlimited here and lots of crazy things you can try. Now, imagine that you put a impulse response block after the return in your hxfx. I haven't tried that yet, but that promises really amazing possibilities. I haven't tried controlling the hd500x from the hxfx or the reverse using midi yet. But that is on the horizon also. Bob
  12. Hi, Wading through all of the many amp models on Spider V, and wondering what amp model you would say is closest to the PHD Motorway on the HD Platform (emulates a Dr. Z RT66) Thank!