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  1. Ccal, Otros han tenido ese problema tambien. La persona que ha tenido exito hizo lo sigiente do a 5 & 12 button power reset (clears presets/setlists/IR lists), they should say new 'preset' uninstall HX Edit Reinstall HX Edit package reinstall 2.82 (or whatever version you like) firmware import your good presets where you want them Que tengas exito Bob
  2. Hi Jep, You don't loose anything, you just get different or more difficult to get the same results when you go into the FX return. You definitely won't get any preamp tone in your sound. You would still just use the "preamp" models in your LT for the most part because the amp and cab models are specified in the DT25. Cab modeling is not automatically disabled on the LT or the DT25 when you use L6 Link. So you would generally select preamp models unless you like the sound of the full amp models.
  3. Some of these have been answered in other posts, but I'll add in the following to make it easier for some to search for the info: Default Voicings: - Voicing 1: Blackface Double Normal -> 2x12 Blackface Double Cab - Voicing 2: Brit P-75 Bright -> 4x12 Blackback 30 Cab - Voicing 3: Class A-30 -> 2x12 Silver Bell Cab - Voicing 4: Treadplate ->4x12 Tread V-30 - You can reset your amp to defaults easily. Turn it off, Squeeze the Voicing switch down and the Pentode Switch up then power on. hold it for 20 seconds or so until the Voicing resets to #1. -Default Mic for all voicings is SM57 Note that the mic doesn't change with the voicing. (Global) Every change of cabinet for a voicing affects the XLR output Don't know because I have firmware 2.0 and I'm not going back. DT Edit won't save "patches" for you. It will set the values for Channel A, and Channel B so that when you disconnect everything and power up the amp, it will remember the values you selected for those channels. Some screen shots of the 4 default voicings in DT Edit attached.
  4. I have the HX Effects and Helix and both work great with my DT25. If you are just looking for some effects, the HX Effects works great in 4 cable method. I really like the tone and simplistic configuration. I honestly use my Helix more because I don't leave the house any more with the DT25. They all sound great. But you might not need to get rid of the HD500 to get great sound out of it. Don't forget, you can use you HD500 as an effects unit as well using 4 cable method with no amp modeling but not use the L6link. plug your guitar in, throw up a compressor, distortion etc and add a send/return block. Plug the send from the HD to the DT25 input, Plug the effects send from the DT25 to the return on your HD500. Throw in some other effects in the chain on the HD500, and send the quarter inch output to the DT25 return. If you want to reverbs, all of the reverbs from the HD500 are built into the DT25 so you can save a block on the HD500. Just a thought to tide you over until you get the next box.....
  5. bobcoss

    2.82 question ...

    I had the same problem. I just deleted all of the factory presets and the problem went away. All of my user presets were fine. I never use the factory presets anyhow.
  6. Chipdougal, You have had a few months to play with the Helix rack and Spyder V back line. How is it going for your? Have you gotten satisfactory results? Thanks, Bob
  7. In addition to the Helix Floor I have, I also have a Line6 DT25, HX Effects, and Spider V 240HC. I have fun with all of them. I think the Spider V 240hc sounds great for bedroom volume play and it gets really loud when I want it too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend buying just a Spider V Amp for playing at home. It's certainly a lot more convenient for me when I want to play or practice to walk over to the amp and plug in, and play. I love them all. Maybe I'll get a Stomp as a backup. Ha!
  8. I bought my Helix Floor from Guitar Center. I had no problems with it and it even came loaded with the previous owners stash of Impulse Responses. I think I paid $1200 + shipping around 1.5 years ago. They come and go all the time. Same is true with other variants of Helix and Line 6 gear. If you get the Helix floor, LT, or Stomp, you can use a PreAmp model of your choice and run the output into the effects return of your Blackstar. It's going to be fun and sound great. You can always use Headphone too if I want to compare the other Full Amp models, IRs out and compare it to what you have from the Blackstar. Enjoy.
  9. Hi GB, Using someone else's patches almost always requires you to dial in the amp sound for your guitar and pickups. Gain staging is a huge issue with these modelers, so I would take Glenn's patch, turn off everything except the amp and see how it sounds with your guitars(s) and the FRFR/Amp+Zilla. Tweak it till you get it where you want it. Obviously, a 10 inch speaker isn't going to push as much air as a 2x12 Recto cab. You are experiencing the "Amp-In-The-Room" from the other guitarists Recto-Rig. It's hard to compete with that amp in the room sound in a practice space or on stage with a modeler unless you have a good back end. That's why products like the PowerCab exist. Most agree that the Headrush 112 isn't going to give you the same amp in the room feel/sound. I have 2 of them in my basement with a variety of amps and cabs and I agree it isn't amp in the room, but it sounds really good, and I can get great amp tone out of it. I get the amp in the room sound from my Line 6 DT25 hooked up to my Helix and that feels fantastic on the back line. And it cuts through anything. I have a friend who is using a Headrush 112 as his back line in the cover band he plays in, and he is content. But he uses In-ears and mixes everyone else which is a mix of mic'ed tube amps digital He is completely happy because he is in control of the mix in his monitor mixer during shows and practice. Everything is consistent. Take a look at Max Carton's YouTube videos on getting the most out of the HX Stomp. He has some great advice on dealing with your situations and demonstrates building basic Amp & Cab patches to get the best tone for Crunchy marshal tones. I like how he takes an empty patch and gets it sounding best, and often compares it with the real amp. There are a lot of things that go into making your tone sound good and mix well with the band. Having the right back end is certainly part of that. Running a stomp preamp block into the return of your guitar amp and Zilla cab "should" yield good results that can cut through the mix with the other folks in the band. Make sure you use a preamp model that is setup the same way as Glenn's Amp block, and disable the IR/Cab block and tweak that Preamp with your Amp/Zilla to taste. I wish you successful tweaking
  10. So so if you are in the middle of a song and have time based effects like a delay with repeats and a lush reverb, as long as trails are turn on, changing the snapshot will be seamless. If you have a guitar with sustain for miles, and you let that last amazing chord ring out at the end of the song ring out, and change the "patch", you are going to hear a short interruption of that beautiful chord. Bummer. But if you are using your snapshots instead, you can select the desired snapshot and the new effects will take effect, but no gap. But you might hear your fabulous distortion change to clean all of a sudden which might not be what you want.
  11. bobcoss

    HX Effects Advice

    Hi Al, I have both the Helix and the HXE. I mostly use the Helix now. You will be able to replace many of your pedals with the HXE. The overdrive/distortions are fantastic. You will likely not need the echoplex for a boost because of the wonderfull pedals modeled in the HX. I think the consensus is that you will want to continue to use your octaver depending on how you use it. There are some nice delays and reverbs that do polyphonic intervals however you set them. I am content with them personally. You only get 9 blocks in the HXE and it's possible to run out of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) depending on what kinds of blocks you are using. You can put the HXE Wah at the beginning of your chain and it will sound great. But if you have a Wah you like, that would be one of the pedals I would keep because because the HXE doesn't come with an expression pedal. Lets say you want to use your favorite flanger pedal. You can use a send/return block (uses 1 of the 9 avaialble) to insert it into the chain wherever you want. I don't think you will have any problems there. You can for example consider having your HXE path split into two sections. Here might be how It could look. Guitar -> Tuner pedal -> Wah Pedal -> T-Rex -> HXE In [ -> Facial Fuzz -> Tone Sovereign -> Teemah -> HXE Send ] -> Preamp Pedal -> Flanger pedal -> Phaser pedal -> HXE return [ -> Tremolo -> other effect block -> another effect block -> Digital Delay -> Tape Delay -> Hall Reverb ] HXE Out -> Favorite old Reverb Pedal -> amp guitar in. If you want to, you can use the 4 cable method to user your amp's preamp like this. Guitar -> Tuner pedal -> Wah Pedal -> T-Rex -> HXE In [ -> Facial Fuzz -> Tone Sovereign -> Teemah -> HXE Send ] -> Guitar Amp In Guitar Amp Send -> Flanger pedal -> Phaser pedal -> HXE return [ -> Tremolo -> other effect block -> another effect block -> Digital Delay -> Tape Delay -> Hall Reverb ] HXE Out -> Favorite old Reverb Pedal -> Guitar Amp Return Lots of flexibilitly. You can put your pedals anywhere in the chain. You are just limited to 9 blocks including the send/return block Bob
  12. The output from the power supply is not very high, so you can make do with an inexpensive extension cord. I've used lamp cord type extension cords for mine from the dollar store because they don't take up much space in my bag and they are easy to replace. It's always good to have a good surge protector with any electronics you value but that's a personal acceptance of risk. I don't generally carry around a surge protector.
  13. I did it once upon a time with my HD500 going line6 link panned to left, and 1/4 out panned right going to the effects return on a peavey classic 30. It sounded pretty cool. I got nice stereo effects. But I never repeated the experiment, and now I'm using Helix with 2 Headrush FRFR12 and my DT25. I think it's very doable.
  14. I like McDonald's Hot Cakes personally. IHOP's pan cakes are ok.
  15. My guess is "never". They haven't done a firmware release for HD since like 2015. I think you are stuck doing an effects loop with your Revv pedals but I would just stick them at the front of the HD and plug your guitar into one of the pedals. You shouldn't need a compressor with those pedals inline, and you could put one at the beginning of the chain in your HD for clean tones. It seems like the HD series is more or less a final product at this point.
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