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  1. The back panel has this massive crease through it; it was packed very poorly by the Guitar Center and definitely tipped back multiple times in shipping with the power cord in place. Could this damage the internals enough to cause this ground loop?
  2. Would repairing the cause of a ground loop be a long, expensive repair? I'm still within my return window if I happened to buy a busted piece of equipment.
  3. I got a used DT25 a few weeks back for a great deal and I'm noticing lots of hum on both clean and overdriven models. Touching different spots on my guitar doesn't affect the noise, but touching the switches on the amp makes it reduce. New tubes are coming if that is the issue, but I'm wondering if anyone had grounding issues that were caused by other factors
  4. I'm hoping they come through for me, they're technically a non returnable item. This was an online order and the picker in the warehouse just grabbed from the bin without checking. Hopefully this shortage ends soon
  5. I just got my tube order today and the utter clowns at guitar center sent me soft el84s. So now I'm sitting on 3 useless tubes and an amp that still needs them
  6. Ive got a DT25 and would like to quickly swap between the amp models without using an app or laptop hooked up to my rig. Would the floor control board for the helix rack be suitable?
  7. There's an ongoing tube shortage as of March 2022. I got lucky finding a matched set of EL84EH mediums, but the 12ax7b has been impossible to find. Will a JJ 12ax7 work until we can get them again?
  8. I just picked up a used dt25 and am ready to jump in but want to do it right. Going over forum posts I see users talking about hd300, hd400, hd500/x and now using helix to control their amp. I am just looking to update to 2.0 on the amp and access the new amp models with minimal interest in effects- what would you recommend?
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