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  1. I'm having similar issues with the 4 Cable method. The dynamics that are lost vs plugging directly into my amp are very noticeable. So far the 4 cable method has proven pointless for me. I am holding out hope that there will be some type of firmware download that can address the issue.
  2. It has signal loss issues. I have read several web pages about this and it all seems confusing. All I want is for the 4 cable method to work by keeping the signal to a maximum. You would think that Line-6 would have some type of mode designed directly to address the signal loss/splitting issues that exist. Can anyone tell me how I can achieve better results? Right now when I use 4CM the dynamics of my amp are reduced GREATLY. It loses punch and tends to sound mushy on gain channels. Is there anyone out there that has had success? And if so please share your secrets.
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