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  1. Why does Line 6 limit my computers? What is the point of buying line 6 products if I can't move them to other computers? I have an HD 500x, and an interface and a HD 300, I want to use the edits and get updates etc. I get messages saying I have too many devices, how is this possible?
  2. Thank you Yeah I have been trying EQ but today ran into more of same. could be a dead end. Thanks again
  3. Yes, but still I am curious as to the process. Because the effect is not consistent with all models. Thank you for your reply.
  4. thank you I shall have to set up a consistent test preset to investigate this phenomena. I will report my findings. although I don't really understand where the cancell out phenomena occurs. Very interesting. The only model where it really wiped out the other amp is one of the Marshalls.
  5. more of a response than an answer really, but thank you for your reply. an answer would address the topic, where your reply is along the lines of: if you car doesn't start, buy a new car. Curious people( although not necessarily highly intelligent people) often want to talk with other curious people as to WHY things are as they are as opposed to 'What do you want'. Please don't think I am singling you out, your response is so quite common as to inspire my direct observations on this type of response, it is not unlike the famous 'Why would you want to do that?', to which the answer is often 'to see what happens'. How for example does the phasing exist in the electronic realm, I wonder? Is it really at the digital level? That is intriguing to me. again thank you for your response.
  6. I am working on some clean patches now. Now not 100% but close.
  7. In Meanbobo, he mentions getting the elusive really clean tone. this is what is I am pursuing. I have tried his dual cab approach which is where the amp cancel problem came up. I am also trying his , low master protocol and boosting the amp signal with EQ or tube compressor. All great fun.
  8. Thank you very much for all your replies.
  9. Two marshalls two twins even two different amps comments? Solutions? Me an bobo seems help sometimes but what is the answer and the problem I am going to experiment with two outputs two morrow anyone? I should have said: On my Hd500x , two amp Models cancel each other either out or in some significant tonal way. I have rarely tried playing with two real amps in stereo and jumping inputs on my real marshalls or bassman works. I have not tried yet with two OUTPUTS and two amp models. but it seems in the digital world I should just get the layer of two amps and sometimes I seem too, where others....well great differences are apparent. I suppose I should make a you tube demo. Thanks
  10. donnyedge


    Hey Can I defeat the auto EQ and drive settings when changing amps? Thanks Donny
  11. Today I tried the new HD500X in my marshall. Up until now I have only used headphones and I love the sounds. I was however shocked at the lack of volume with the pod out then into my power amp. 100 watt EL34s ? My hook up must have been wrong anyone one see what I may have done? Now I have tried the '4 cable method' ...better yet I am still not sure I am doing it right. One thing though, studio/direct seems to sound much better than any of the other options. Can anyone refer me to a page number or video? Thanks.
  12. I have a HD300 that went bad. This is when I learned of the HD500X. Rather than fix the 300 I got the 500X I am very happy with it.
  13. I find the tube compressor mostly unusable anyone else? Or anyone know any tricks on how to use this one?
  14. Sounds good. :)
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