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  1. What exactly are you trying to do with the controller? I'm not exactly a midi "expert" by any means but I've had both an LT and a Stomp working with a couple different midi controllers. Happy to help, if I can.
  2. How many effects will you want access to at any given time? If more than 3 (assuming HX Stomp) are you ok with adding extra buttons or midi controller? In a live setting will you always have a backup tube amp? (A stomp could cover your backup in a pinch and give you access to effects) I have an LT, my first attempt at modeling, and I’m finally feeling dialed in (had some leveling issues early on while learning the world of modeling). It’s a great unit for sure but, I recently found a decent deal on a used Stomp and I added a midi controller to act as effect on/off and run the unit in preset view. This may ultimately become my main rig but I really don’t use a lot of effects, at one time, or create really complicated signal paths. Hopefully that’s helpful. I’m typing this sorta stream of though as I’m walking out the door…
  3. Yes, that helps. But what about something like this: I want to dial in a dirtier amp setting without blasting the SPL's and use the output block or amp channel (assuming that I wouldn't be able to change settings on the QSC/PA speakers live) to keep the volume manageable at home. Let's then assume I need more signal live... I would simply pop into the system and bump up either the channel volume or the output block to give them what they need... Is one of those two options "preferred". I'll try and spin some knobs tonight and see what happens but I'm definitely interested in hearing thoughts/approaches to this.
  4. I don't know exactly how to word this question and haven't seen a definitive answer to what I think I'm looking for (If I missed it somewhere I apologize)... My specific set up at home is: Helix LT > FRFR (QSC K12). I was messing around last night based on reading where folks set their FRFR at Unity Gain and then adjusting volume from the helix. I am not using the big knob on top and would prefer not to. Amp model is the Derailed Ingrid, Drive @ 3.5/Master @ 5/6, channel volume at 3-4. I barely had to dial up the guitar from the off position to get supper loud and while that is fun and all, it's not practical, lol. Where is the best place to reduce overall volume in a situation like this? 1 - Channel volume in the amp block 2 - Volume on the FRFR 3 - At the output block at the end of the chain (I've never messed with this) I tried calling support to see what they would suggest and they said that the channel volume (in the amp block) would have some impact on the sound of the amp. I do think that is strange based on what I've read elsewhere saying that the channel volume does not effect tone. And, for as long as I've had this thing I feel like I should have this down by now but I don't get as much time with it as I'd like and I'm still trying to figure out my best approach.
  5. Thank you for the insight. Yes, we are on shared monitors so that is definitely helpful. We'll have 4 wedges with 3 mixes total (Director (keys) #1, vocalists/acoustic guitar #2, myself/bass/drums on 3rd mix with wedges #3 & 4) Ha, that is true... I do agree with you I was just trying to gauge if there would be drastic changes. I'm only on twice a month so it took a while bouncing between weeks off and on to get things dialed in... But, I do have a couple different amps (and various "rigs" built around those) set pretty much how I like them. Hoping that having similar units on the stage will speed things up going from home to stage, if that makes sense.
  6. We are discussing a monitor upgrade at church and tossing around the idea of either K12's or K10's. I'm currently building patches off a K12 (at home) will there be a noticeable difference in the tones through a K10? What experiences can y'all share?
  7. Thank you for the link! Hopefully I’ll have some time to mess with that this evening. Im on this week for the church team so not sure how much time I’ll have for noodling but it sure does look like fun!
  8. Ya know, if I could nail down one video or tone I was going for that would be really tough! To be honest, I’d say the better way to put it is what one batch of gear could approximate some of those sounds, lol. Tall order right?? My pedal board rig prior to helix was 2x AM 808/silvers>fulltone mini-deja>DD7>silver spring>dr z maz38nr (12f150 in a 1x12 cab). Tons of fun in a super simple package! But our church made some tech changes for live stream purposes and I was the only guy with an amp so decided I’d try the digital thing. I’ve sorta taken the approach to helix that I’d build a DR rig and an AC30 rig as those two amps should be able to handle any of the “tones” I was trying to approximate. and eventually work on something with a tweed deluxe as I’ve always loved my Lil’ Dawg clone... I did mess a bit with sag/bias on a test patch but again, probably took them to far and couldn’t settle on a balance that I felt was better than stock for where Im at with the learning the system. That said, I’ve only had 3 Sunday’s live with it and the rest has been solo through my old mixer into a K12 so I’m still making assumptions on fixes from the prior performance. Hopefully that all makes sense.
  9. Thank you for the link! Just gave it a quick read and will likely double back on it later. my last pedal board comp, after the sp, was an analog man bi-comp. I always dig the simplicity and what it did for my sound. Basically I ran it with very light compression at the front of my chain. I pulled it from from my board a few years ago in an effort to shrink my foot print and just got used to playing without. But, now that I can add one without adding to my footprint I figured I’d start messing around with one again. I am using the LA comp at the end of my path per the Jsad rec’s... ps, I’m only playing in a P&W environment these days though I don’t tend to directly copy any of those “tones”. Always been a big fan of Trey Anastasio, John scofield, Wes Montgomery...
  10. Hey everyone, I'm new here but I've been reading a bit since picking up a Helix LT a couple months ago. I'm really digging the unit! Any body have any suggestions for settings on the Kinky Comp? Guitar is a PRS Hollowbody 2. amp model I'm trying to stick it with is the Deluxe reverb normal channel, using the 2x12 C12N cab block (or a YA dlx reverb IR)... I had an SP a while back and it was easy to set up based on the DIP switches. I have a basic knowledge of threshold and release but I can't seem to get it right. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (PS, i'm not near my Helix at the moment so I don't remember exactly what my settings were when I decided to scrap it and see what y'all might suggest) I'm not looking for major squish, just something to smooth out/fatten up the tone. Happy to send any other info that might be helpful.
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