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  1. Ubuntu Studio is a good choice for music production free of charge (https://ubuntustudio.org/ ), esxpecially for musicians on a budget. I have been a loyal Line 6 consumer for many years but I have been a linux user for even longer. I have owned the Line 6 Pod 2.0, the Tone Port UX1, The Flextone amp, The Pod HD500, The Firehawk 1500, the James Tyler Variax 89F, and have now orderd the Helix Floor with Powercab +. I love my line 6 products but I don't love that after all these years Line 6 is still unwilling to support Linux. I am forced to own a computer with an expensive, proprietary operating system, prone to viruses just so I can run my line 6 gear. Please someone from Line 6 please explain why you are unwilling to support linux? There is an opportunity for growth here as linux users have been steadily rising over the same period of time. People are waking up and want more from their technology.
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