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  1. The video in the link you posted demonstrates the Mimiq with no chords. I wonder if they specifically chose octaves because the slight phasing is less noticeable. I have a Mimiq in the loop of the Helix rack and keep experimenting for future use live, but am still unsure. One thing's for certain, you can only use it in stereo.
  2. Sometimes I wish the process of auditioning cabs in Helix was better. It always feels quite cumbersome. You need to limit time auditioning cabs to short bursts, or you are not objective after a short time. I go for one folder at a time and make quick decisions about which ones to discard and bring down the selection to a manageable level. Most libraries are massive and there are no short cuts to right IR, but a Helix improves with them. Most Ownhammer libraries are good and another one to look at for all styles are York Audio.
  3. I don't use a computer with USB-C for my Helix, but there are problems updating with a hub in place. Connect directly to the computer and the update went smoothly. Maybe it depends on the particular hub, but I would try the direct cable if possible.
  4. The problem with all these effects in a live setting is that they are not mono compatible. If you get an engineer who pans you less than full width, or a PA with wiring issues, your sound collapses. I have a Mimiq and it sounds great with 1 dub in stereo, but mono is lessening the quality of sound for me.
  5. I have never run out of DSP on the Stomp, although I have to compromise on patches because of a lack of blocks. The Stomp is backup for my Helix Rack and 8 blocks would certainly replicate my Helix setup, as I don't use many CPU intensive effects.
  6. Couldn't have put it better! The differences are in the interface and the way you work as an individual.
  7. I'm not sure either are 100% and also the Kemper method for that matter. Getting a consistent sound from a real amp is a moving target and it never sounds the same each time I set one up. Modellers are the idea of what an amp sounds like from the perspective of a few people. I'm not sure I even care whether they sound exactly like the real thing. In some cases it is a better sound for both live and recording. Models like Badonk don't even exist in real world hardware.
  8. At the risk of upsetting some, I did find it interesting and the date didn't bother me at the time. With digital wireless systems adding up to 8ms latency in some cases, it is good know the Helix is low. I know it's a poor show, but I don't have a guitar or Helix with me during breakfast:-) Such a waste of playing time.
  9. Really interesting post Eric and thanks for sharing the results. I remember reading on the Kemper forum that SPDIF was slower than the standard analogue outputs too, so this must be a limitation outside of Helix or Kemper. Did you have a figure for the SPDIF latency? It would good to know how much the difference is.
  10. The darker profiles in some of the Ownhammer packs work really well live because of the Fletcher-Munson effect. If you crave brighter sounds, the York Audio stuff might be the way to go.
  11. This guy explains in some of his videos how to get some good rock and metal tones. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCEhLxldbW1mCNzEQDshbAA/videos
  12. Pitch Whammy does fine on single note riffs, but sadly you need The Drop in a loop for chords. I do have one, but then you need to adjust The Drop for different intervals and it is a pain to remember at a show.
  13. Completely understand your point of view. I guess I have seen this with every Kemper update and also iPhones. It always looks worse on a forum, because you rarely hear from the success stories. I only update if there is something I really want and this was not the case with 2.9. I hope you get any issues sorted out soon.
  14. Whilst I never understood the clamour for meters and features that contribute nothing to sound, I would never complain about free stuff. Personally I want polyphonic pitch shift above anything else and wait patiently, but I know other people have different priorities. You can't please everyone and I don't think negative comments will encourage L6 to work harder on future free updates.
  15. The only updates I get excited for are those that improve sound. I wouldn't want to stand in the way of people that want meters etc, but prefer developers time to go on tone and effects. Polyphonic pitch wham and more slots in the Stomp, so it is a fully useable backup.
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