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  1. karlic

    Move IRs?

    Just drag and drop in the editor I think.
  2. It is quite easy to find a PSU with the same specification, but isn't the connection an odd size?
  3. Check whether you have line level or instrument level set on the Stomp?
  4. You know that standing 4 meters from your amp on stage would be the same latency? It would be good practice for live shows.
  5. karlic

    Global EQ

    I'd agree and usually make patches specifically for live and avoid overall eq. If you globally change the sound, if affects not only a fizzy overdrive, but also a clean that might need different notches. The best thing is to get feedback from engineers when possible.
  6. karlic

    Global EQ

    For those playing live it could be useful to have an eq for each output. This is something Kemper have gradually implement, with hi and lo pass finally arriving. It would be useful to have a DSP counter in HX Edit? I know the problem is likely to be the Stomp having one processor against two in full Helix that use the same editor. The count could be per processor though.
  7. I have found useful answers on the search, but don't mind if there are questions that come up again on the forum. Often you will get a more up to date discussion and learn something new.
  8. Just download the Helix Native for your computer and give it a free try for 2 weeks! I am a happy Kemper owner, but absolutely love the HX Stomp after buying one as a backup.
  9. karlic

    Lexicon reverb?

    Someone hired in a Lexicon 480L for me on a mix a few years ago. Bringing it into Pro Tools, I was amazed at how good this ancient reverb sounded. Just bringing up a plate for vocals and a wood room for drums was magic. I know this has been ported to plugins, but apparently a lot of the sound is to do with the analog converters on these units. I wish the sound could really be captured in the box.
  10. Is it right that the XXXii is a JSX after Satriani left Peavey? I guess that makes the first XXX a different amp.
  11. You highlighted downtune strings individually and then stated "even Melodyne DNA couldn't do it". Looks clear to me. You just always seem to look for the negative. My experience is that it can do this.
  12. You can't just make blanket statements like that to suit your argument. Melodyne DNA is inconsistent, but more than once it has saved me when mixing. Acoustics played with a major, where it should have been minor, were perfectly corrected. Also I have corrected electric piano with no issues. You just have to accept it won't work in all scenarios, as some instruments are more complex than others..
  13. If you are using an IR, the first thing to do is select 1024 sample size. Then start compromising on other parts of the chain. I applaud Line 6 for adding a very useful 8 blocks, but remember that it won't boost your DSP. I'd love to see all Helix modellers released with double DSP!
  14. Would that be more or less processor intensive than the poly effects? It's a shame 3.0 didn't really match your hopes, but I guess 3.1 is in the making.
  15. Unless there are a lot more people asking for the same as you, maybe it is best to go with the Electro-Harmonix then. With modeller feature requests, it will mostly be the majority vote for updates. It is almost impossible to cater for individuals with such specific requirements.
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