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  1. karlic


    I think you can still run into trouble with basic power chords unless you are perfectly in tune when using monophonic pitch.
  2. karlic


    The only thing i could find doesn't demonstrate Maj7s, you would have to try that for yourself. It is the best I have tried though. They all have drawbacks and there will be latency to get used to, but it definitely beats carrying extra guitars when travelling light. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz2CmYLZWWM
  3. karlic


    I generally don't use those kind of chords on songs using pitch drop, but the Kemper is best at this. It has a "smooth chords" setting on the transpose effect that does some kind of phase alignment. So it is possible. The Drop wasn't much use for me because it doesn't go up.
  4. karlic


    I accept it may not fit your needs as an individual, but hopefully as they refine the algorithm more efficiency will be found. Surely the Digitech Drop processor is relatively modest?
  5. karlic


    Yeah, that's what I roughly suspected the CPU hit to be like. But didn't you said it would eat and entire processor? 40-50-% is fine, even on an HX Stomp. Most live pitch shifting would be for a rhythm sound where an amp and IR would still work within limits. For lead sounds the simple pitch would still work in monophonic.
  6. karlic


    Surely the commitment to adding polyphonic pitch came before hiring a team without a purpose. Also with Kemper and Fractal having that capability, they want to be considered equal.
  7. karlic


    I won't quote you and fill the page Sascha, but this list just shows how different we all are. The only point that interested me was 7) A decent touch wah. I know the reverbs don't stack well against Kemper or Fractal, but I am not that worried with good delays available. I am amazed people complain about routing in the Helix, as it seems well implemented and comprehensive when compared to my Kemper. In short, the tam must have looked at the numbers and decided polyphonic pitch was a priority, whatever our individual wishes are.
  8. karlic


    Most other modellers offer poly pitch and it is very useful live for different tunings. What are the top 5 from your list of 20?
  9. When you are playing live, front of house sound and in ears will appear brighter. This is party volume and the Fletcher-Munson loudness effect, but in ears seem to exaggerate the top for me too. It depends on the IR used, but I keep a global eq setting ready to kick in for live shows. I make a narrow cut at 5.5kHz to tame the fizz and also something around 3.3k usually gets rid of the icepick frequencies to spare the audience. Then high pass at between 80-100hz and then it is strange with the top end. Even 18k low pass seems to take effect, although I run 7k on the IR block. Just be aware that what sounds great at low volume with be biting and fizzy at high volume.
  10. Kemper made a really nice sounding transpose, that to my ears is more natural than The Drop. It still has very similar latency, although you get used to it in a live situation.
  11. That seems quite reasonable for the level of processing going on here. It is a lot different from monophonic pitch shifting if done well. Do you know if the old pitch effects will still be available for when processing power is limited?
  12. I would use it for rhythm sounds with just and amp and IR, so probable fine. Simple pitch works well for monophonic solo sounds with more effects.
  13. What kind of DSP usage are we talking about. Is it double simple pitch or pitch whammy?
  14. Listen, if you are happy with your sound, I really cannot argue with that. One thing is for sure, the onboard Helix cabs sound different to any IRs I have. I also made my own IRs with a 6505 power amp section and Mesa 4x12 to get me to where I am used to. I will definitely give it one more go with the Helix cabs and try what you suggest though:-)
  15. Good to hear you managed to squeeze something out of them. I have been back a couple of times because of these kind of comments, but nothing has changed for me. I always feel you shouldn't have to work hard to craft a cab that is deficient. Better to get things right at source.
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