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  1. I have 5 instances for lead tracks on a mix I am working on now and I can't say it makes any impact with 16bg ram. As data commando said, the demo is freely available and M1 computers are the smoothest Apple experience I've had in 15 years of use.
  2. All I can say is that it performs faultlessly in Pro Tools as an aax plugin. I am running a Mac Mini M1 with Monterey.
  3. Having bought the upgrade from TDM to 64bit Native, I could not get Amp Farm to work on an M1 Mac. Not only will this not work, but I had to surrender the license for my TDM system and now cannot even bounce instances of the plugin from PT10. Hopefully an update will eventually come.
  4. Thanks. I bought it and everything works perfectly on the latest version of Pro Tools. What a shame you cannot import everything in one hit from the Helix hardware though. I did drag and drop between HX Edit and Native in the end.
  5. I had to get a new Mac that came with Monterey. Is it worth buying Helix Native, or is that not supported on Pro Tools?
  6. A 6db lift sounds like they are not at all interested in your rhythm playing. Of course, a lot depends on whether you are in a 2 guitar band or not. If you use in ears, then things get much easier for everyone. Also the receiver sometimes has a limited built in to control the loudest sounds.
  7. You can find these specifically for Line 6 products at about £10-12 on eBay with free delivery. Although the Stomp uses a 2A power block, I believe it only draws around 800mA. There must be many options if you have the right lead to go with it. Just read up a little or contact support for information.
  8. karlic

    Move IRs?

    Just drag and drop in the editor I think.
  9. It is quite easy to find a PSU with the same specification, but isn't the connection an odd size?
  10. Check whether you have line level or instrument level set on the Stomp?
  11. You know that standing 4 meters from your amp on stage would be the same latency? It would be good practice for live shows.
  12. karlic

    Global EQ

    I'd agree and usually make patches specifically for live and avoid overall eq. If you globally change the sound, if affects not only a fizzy overdrive, but also a clean that might need different notches. The best thing is to get feedback from engineers when possible.
  13. karlic

    Global EQ

    For those playing live it could be useful to have an eq for each output. This is something Kemper have gradually implement, with hi and lo pass finally arriving. It would be useful to have a DSP counter in HX Edit? I know the problem is likely to be the Stomp having one processor against two in full Helix that use the same editor. The count could be per processor though.
  14. I have found useful answers on the search, but don't mind if there are questions that come up again on the forum. Often you will get a more up to date discussion and learn something new.
  15. Just download the Helix Native for your computer and give it a free try for 2 weeks! I am a happy Kemper owner, but absolutely love the HX Stomp after buying one as a backup.
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