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  1. No I wouldn't say I use a lot of reverb. I like having some but not a great deal from the POD HD500. With reverb in the amp, I just use the settings that are listed on the bit of cardboard on the top that comes with it. Mainly use the British Crunch or Class A Chime. I do have replacement tubes but I might try to test the old ones first before bunging them in. Thanks for the advice
  2. Ummmmm.....more of a whistling whine perhaps like a TV when theres only the test pattern on or perhaps the sound of a hearing testing machine if you know what I mean. I put my ODs on separate power cords instead of daisy chain and it was slightly better but still there on higher level gain
  3. Hi. Every time I try to use external analog OD pedals with the DT, it get a high pitched whine at the same time as the pedal sound. The higher the gain the woes it gets. Doesn't make any difference changing the cables or which pedal is used but it is worse on higher gain pedals. It is there whether going direct such as JTV59 - OD - DT25 or JTV59 - OD pedals - POD500 - L6 Link. Changing the voicings on the DT again makes it worse the higher the gain. Interestingly, when I just use the Dream Rig with no OD Analog pedals, there is no problem. Could it be the tubes? Thanks for any help.
  4. cw0401


    Interesting. I tried the OD pedals in the FX Loop and in front of the pod again last night still using the L6 Link to the DT25 but this time turned off all amp simulation and the problem is fixed..... Although the DT25 without the amp simulations doesn't sound very loud, perhaps I may have found the solution.
  5. cw0401


    Hi Bj and Toneman, Thanks for your input. I am only using the preamp models on the 500 but will try turning the master volume down. I'll have a crack at the idea of yours Bj and let you know how I go. I tried the pad and line amp level toggles and it doesn't make any difference. Thanks heaps! CW
  6. cw0401


    Okay, I've tried to change the impedance and nothing changes. I changed to using the OD pedals in the effects loop and taking out the L6 Link and going via the 1/4 mono left jack to the DT25 and the problem disappears. Though that's pleasing it also sucked out most of the volume and you have to turn the DT up to 3/4 volume to be able to get any decent level from it. Then tried OD pedal infront of POD via normal cable and not VDI and same occured. No noise but low volume. BTW I only used the Super Signa Comp pedal to do this. Regards
  7. cw0401


    I'm very frustrated at the moment. I have the Dream Rig with the JTV59, HD500 and DT25 and I love it but want to use some Overdrive Pedals I have with it and am having a big problem with a high pitched whine which sounds like a cross between a hairdryer and the sounds you hear in your ears when you get an audio test done on your hearing. This happens at varying volume depending on how much level and gain you use on the OD pedals and when they're switched on. I want to use the Super Signa Drive, Joyo Ultimate Drive and Joyo Sweet Baby. So far I've tried using the FX Loop and running the pedals before the POD HD via normal cable instead of the VDI. I've tried different cables and patches, made sure there's no interaction with power cables and tried each pedal either singlely or in different combos. I've noticed that when I turn the drive knob on the DT25 right off, the noise disappears but then you get low volume and no crunch. I've tried all the different voicings on the DT25 and it certainly changes the noise but is still there at different volumes. I have also tried changing the Line/Stomp switch and just about every other setting I can think of. I really don't think its the OD pedals as they work fine without the pod and just direct to the DT25 although the volume is way down. There is no annoying noise or problems when it is just the Dream Rig without the extra pedals even when on heavier distorted sounds. My next step was to perhaps try and change impedance input levels. I also have replacement valves for the DT25 and will see if that makes a difference. I'm not sure if I've tried it but I'll also have the OD Pedals in the FX Loop or in front of the pod but this time go from the POD to Amp via 1/4 mono instead of L6 Link. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Regards CW
  8. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to get the Robo Tuning system 'thingy' for the JTV59. Has anyone managed to get one on theirs? Regards CW
  9. "you had mentioned the lester model when this happens, Does it happen with all models or just the lester. If its kinda a high pitch gliss type of sound You could change the impedance settings on the HD500 to lower the top end a little. ( you have to use the guitar input though not VDI cable) I have noticed a change in the highs when I mess with the impedance setting. it says in the manual the lower the settings act as a attenuater for high frequencies. it may help reduce it possibly. I really wish I could hear it though that would help allot. is it the same sound as in this video.." Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have changed the impedance and it didn't seem to matter. I have also taken the DT25 out of the equation with no change. The only thing that improves the problem is changing the input from Variax to Variax Mags. That seems to clear it up alot but then means I can't use any of the models and alternate tunings/capo etc. I am not equipped to record the sounds it makes but will try to do something soon. It seems to mainly be noticable when you do a slide from one fret to another on the E string (next to the B string).
  10. Hi Katie, Thanks for your query. It seems to be noticable on clean tones with or without effects (but worse with delays) and with an AC30 Preamp emulation going into my DT25. It is especially noticable when you slide from one note to another as opposed to just lifting your fingers off of one fret and moving to another. BTW do you change all your strings at once so you can put the velcro across the bridge? If so, is that okay to do so? I always thought strings needed to be changed one or two at a time to avoid neck problems. I'd much rather do it all at once however. How close should the velcro be the little saddle thingys (very technical term) that the strings rest on? My little saddle thingys are not in a straight line at all so I could get my intonation right. Thanks for any insight you can offer.
  11. I have tried the Velcro on the nut and bridge of my 59 but no luck. Still get the ringing especially with the virtual capo on. Doesn't matter what volume I play at. Seems worse playing the Lester models. I may as well try Velcro just in front of of the little ball on the strings. The biggest offenders for me is the B and E strings
  12. Hi Moondancerm. You are absolutely right. Thanks
  13. Hi There, I have the Dream Rig and am experiencing a problem when I use the virtual capo on my JTV59. Everything sounds fine but when I use the virtual capo (set into the preset via POD HD EDIT on the HD500), I get a lot of feedback or 'ringing' of when playing single notes. Has anyone experienced this and knows what I'm doing wrong? Regards CW
  14. Virtual Capo feedback issue

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