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  1. The way i would hook this up is-trs cable 1/4 in. on 1 end 1/8 in on the other end plug 1/4 in into headphone jack on the keyboard and 1/8 in into aux. on the HD500.This is the way i have mine hooked up to my T.C. helicon VL3 and it works fine just remember you need a TRS cable. Cal
  2. They were 10-46,think they still come with that gauge not sure what kind.
  3. I dont think you can do it on 2.1 f/w but im not sure.
  4. Sounds like its on factory reset,when you are powered up try holding the model knob in a little longer and see what happens.
  5. Hi guys,im running vista on my pc so 1.9 is not coming up .I found it comes up on windows 7@8 so it must be because of vista i cant get it thanks for your help cal.
  6. Thanks,i tried that but 1.9 does not show up,all the other downloads show up but on mine 1.9 doesnt,is there anything else i can try.
  7. When i go into support tab,i dont see anything saying download.Can you tell me how to get into download so i can try the 1.9 thanks guys.
  8. I have had the jtv for 2 yrs. now and have had no problems,if you want one buy it from sweetwater, they will take care of you.
  9. Think i will stay with 10's thanks guys for your help cal.
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