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  1. Wow what happened there, illegal string offset spam warning.
  2. Thanks bud. I contacted line 6 support today, it needs the flash memory restarting but because its in a state of limbo the software can't detect it. I have to send it in for servicing. Thank you anyway. I hope this helps somebody else with a similar problem.
  3. Hi, I purchased a JTV 69 from a shop (display model) the guy said the battery had run out so couldn't see the Variax mode. I already have a Variax 500 and so a flat battery didn't seem much of a problem. Since then I've charged the battery and on power up the Model selector knob and altered tuning knob flash red continuously . I've looked through manuals and online threads and appears simply pushing the model select knob should be enough but not matter what i try the flashing just continues. I've tried different power sources (DI box and batteries) and powering up with 1/4 inch while having model select knob pressed down and pickup selected in the middle but still no result. I will be contacting line 6 tomorrow but in the meantime has anyone got a solution or suggestions?
  4. Hi guys, has this situation been resolved. Java / Mavericks? I have a JTV which hasn't worked since I bought it day before yesterday and my variax 500 can't be connected to Workbench anymore, pretty crap situation!
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