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  1. Not everyone uses Facebook. I don’t. I can tell you you how to update your vetta with windows 10 and an old version of monkey. It was easy. And I also use edit with windows 10. I use soundblaster audigy sound cards. Cheap on eBay. With midi inputs on its own patch bay. Works great.
  2. franknick

    Old line 6 logo

    Does anybody have any of these amp emblems laying around? I’m in the USA. Thanks.
  3. franknick

    Vetta users

    I know they upgraded their amps. But way to expensive. I had the new spider v. Couldn’t compete with the vetta. All they need to do is build a nice combo without all the bells and whistles. I just wanted to see if anyone still used them on gigs.
  4. franknick

    Vetta users

    I’m just curios to see if anyone still uses the vetta? 1 or 2.? I have been using this amp now for years. This is the best amp line 6 ever made. Why don’t they listen to the community on how good this amp was and make a new upgraded one! Feel free to chime in on this thread.
  5. My midi in on my souncard wasn't workin. I replaced it. And it works. I love these amps. One of the best out there. I have three of them.
  6. I use an old creative labs sound blaster audigy zs. Use an old version of monkey. I just did two amps with it!
  7. I figured it out. It was my midi interface. I updated this amp with windows 10. It works perfect.
  8. Ok. I got my old vetta update 2.5. Is is just to old for the line 6 edit 3.4 to recognize? I have the vetta 1. Do you need an xp computer to run my vetta?
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