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  1. HB99

    Vetta and L6 Edit

    Thanks, lollipop. I saw the post where you mentioned the same thing. I did some research (2 days worth) looking for it but found nothing on the subject. Bill
  2. HB99

    Vetta and L6 Edit

    HA!! I was able to convert the FB instructions to a PDF. Hope that helps. OK, followed the BLIND instructions to the letter. Read it several times to get the process down.. Midi flashed SENDING...but apparently it went nowhere. RESULTS: Just black bars and 888. Turned it off then back on and I get 222...repeat and I get AAA and all lights lit up. Almost every time there's something different in the numbers screen and multiple light configurations, but no messages. Do you know if the the operating system located on a removable chip? I would really like to take the memory from the newly purchased Vetta and put it into my old Vetta because it's in better condition. They should have put the program(s) on a plug & play HD for times like these. EDIT: Going back to the RIP thread I read where you wrote" "...Monkey 1.19 and select "flash from File". I never did see that message in Monkey. EDIT: Did some research...memory is EPROM. Even if the EPROM is on the motherboard then all one has to do is replace it and it's UNBRICKED. Am I being too logical here? It's just electronics.
  3. HB99

    Vetta and L6 Edit

    I'll be checking that out too. I thought maybe the originator was making a library of blanks to be filled in later. But, IMO, that should not make all the others channels I switched to afterwards not work. FWIW, I only loaded .l6t files. I may try to load a couple of .syx patches today to see if they work. And the beat goes on... ; ' )
  4. HB99

    Vetta and L6 Edit

    The last band I was in was in college in 1981-82. The last time I played on stage (not at a party) was in Kosovo in 2000. A Southern Rock band invited players up if they wanted. I requested we play Flirting With Disaster (Molly Hatchet). The guy said "You sure?" I said yep. It went over great haven't not played it in 18 years. When I got back to my table everyone was treating me like a rock star (LOL!). Many of them said they didn't know I even played. And me being old enough to be their fathers. Thanks for the PDF. I'll check it out later today. I purchased a new USED Vetta replacement for my old one. I uploaded new user patches and tried them out last night. Some are OK and require a lot of tweaking for my ears (which are BAD), but many of them got me to thinking WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? LOL! NEW ISSUE: Several times last night while switching channels the sound died. Everything else "looked" good, but no sound..even after switching to other channels. I have to wonder if it is dying? I purchased it through Guitar Center so I have like 45 days to return it for a refund, but I want (hope) to returning still in working condition. Tough decision. If I can get mine back up then it's a simple decision...it goes back. Another thing, I've never really been any kind of a lead player and after last night I'm even thinking I'm not much of an electric player either. Being without my Vetta for all that time and playing only an acoustic 12 string I may just give it up and play acoustics. Another problem I have, being older and such, is who do I leave my gear to after I go? No one in my family is musically inclined. I have a '76 Fender Telecaster Deluxe that I've owned since, well, 1976. Sure would hate the wife to auction it off for $50.00. As the Stooges said: Wimmen! Thanks again for the PDF. Later.
  5. HB99

    Vetta and L6 Edit

    OK, went to the site and DLd Monkey V1.19...after loading it says I already have V1.72...I say load 1.19. I went to that second link...Nathan's page. It goes all over the place...very illogical. At the reddit.com instructions I stopped at step 9. After holding COMP down and turning it on all I have are (lit) BLANK screens. There is no prompt for SOFTWARE UPDATE so I did NOT press EDIT. ...........How's the show going? Or how did it/they go? I went to the FB home page and they wanted more info than I could give. Why does every company assume EVERYONE has a cell phone?
  6. HB99

    Vetta and L6 Edit

    What are you up to? Shouldn't you be at work? :D I gave that up (retired) over 7 years ago... My Uno is marked something like" this goes to...". And it works that way. I've used it on the new one, just looking to see what's there, no downloads or anything yet. It seems to communicate w/o any issues. I asked in another thread, but if you'll indulge me once again, can older patches be used on the Vetta II of just .l6t patches? Thanks (again...). Bill
  7. HB99

    Vetta and L6 Edit

    I tried to post this in the other thread, but it wouldn't take... BillBee: Thanks. Once again you helped me out. :) It wasn't until later that I noticed other posts were "lollipop" also. I just didn't want him thinking I was angry with him and calling him names. After thinking about "lollipop", I figured it's a nickname from a grandchild. I'm "Papa" to my greatgranddaughter (#6 of 7). No one else calls me that. I understand about the FB comment, I just am stubborn about ALL social media. Someone said with FB people are giving up information that the FBI would normally need a warrant for. :D I don't want an account with them. My wife has one, maybe she'll let me use it. ;) You may have noticed that I have other posts where I ask about patches. It's because I went a purchased another Vetta Combo last week (about $320 before taxes). It's already set up with Version 2.5 so it's a Vetta II. It has a few dings, but it still looks good. Mine has never been out of the house so it still looks brand new. The factory patches mirror the user patches so I have to change most of them out with others I've downloaded to give them a try. I've been playing 12 string acoustic for over 3 years now so I'm having a heck of a time trying to relearn the electric. I can do bends without even trying. :D
  8. lollipop: I know you're a HELPFUL guy. I've read your comments. But saying join FB or you're screwed is not helpful. Emailing a cut and paste of the instructions to me would be. :) Just in case (you or anyone else could do this for me): homebrewer_99@yahoo.com ;) I've edited this twice and when I type in "lollipop" keeps showing up as "lollipop"...nothing personal...I'm not doing it. 3x: I type D I C K...and lollipop shows up. What gives?
  9. HB99


    10 months later...and it's still a brick. No changes. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  10. Happily, I don't FaceBook...
  11. When using L6 Edit the patches loaded on the Vetta appeared in the right hand column. 1. The channel numbers were prefaced with a U and an F. Do these mean USER and FACTORY? UPDATE: (SLAPS FOREHEAD) I looked in the manual...DOH!. Page 10.8 User & Factory...disregard. ; ' ) 2. They also have a file extension of .L6T. Are the older .SYX files still usable or should I just delete the ones I have? 3. Lastly, how does one upload the 2.03 Combo.vtf file to the Vetta? Which program? Thanks. I appreciate all replies. Bill
  12. HB99

    factory settings

    Really? How? I would REALLY like to know.
  13. HB99

    Vetta and L6 Edit

    UPDATE: OK, it's now 1:13 AM on Friday, Sep 8... I turn my Vetta brick off...held down EDIT and turned it on. RESULTS: Channel lights read 999, windows now show blank screens (black bars gone) and ALL the lights are on. And Monkey V1.16 (can't find the V1.19 you recommended) still won't let me log on...even though I am already logged in as I type this. Any ideas?
  14. HB99

    8 black bars

    More like a trip to the dump. I'm really curious if the entire staff at Line 6 is just 1 guy...in his mother's basement...watching porn...who thinks it's OK to check in with us poor ignorant fools whenever he needs a laugh.
  15. Well, it's now Sept 2017 and this Monkey thing is STILL NOT WORKING...
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