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  1. How about the TC Electronic G System, not cheap and you'll need a separate distortion pedal in the loop but probably the best out there.
  2. Thanks, appreciate your help, I'll give it a go but it's a long shot as issue sounds like a mechanical problem rather than firmware.
  3. I've never used the connections since I purchased the Pro about 18 months ago but recently purchased the Floorboard and JTV89 only to find both connections don't work. Unfortunately, Pro probably out of guarantee?? Don't suppose Line 6 will take pity on me as I wouldn't have realised the connections didn't work until I actually came to use them which happens to be outside of the guarantee/warranty period. Do not really want to have to return it and pay what will probably be a substantial cost to have fixed.
  4. If it's any help to you, I live in the UK and purchased a JTV89 recently from a batch of half a dozen or so that a local music store had as 'B' stock i.e. customer returns or slightly flawed in some way. All that I could find wrong with it was some very minor lacquer missing from the slightly raised section on the body and the machine heads were a little tarnished. Apart from that, in my humble opinion it is a great instrument with an excellent neck, biting pick ups and really playable. Depending of course on your flavour, this was meant to be a shredders guitar so maybe not to everyone taste BUT, when you switch in the Variax models and tuning options, I doubt you'd tell the difference whether you were playing a '59, '69 or the 89! I suppose it's down to your instrument of choice. I got it for a good price, at least £300 off RRP of a perfect '89 so I was pleased. Maybe there were some issues with the 89 but I'm more than happy with mine as it only had some minor cosmetic damage that doesn't affect the playability. Chris
  5. I can also confirm that both cables I am using are not faulty. I know this because the straight RJ-45 cable connects perfectly well with my Floorboard and Pod X3 and the metal shielded RJ-45 (that came with the JTV) connects with the converter and my Mac to use Monkey & Workbench. Help!!!
  6. I am using the correct inputs! just no power being outputted from either. Not recognising my JTV89 & no lights on my Floorboard! I have a metal shielded end to the RJ-45 for the JTV which simply doesn't fit into the FBV socket or the Floorboard so I know I have the correct inputs! Any other thoughts??
  7. My HD Pro is not connecting to either my JTV89 or my FBV Shortboard MKII. I am using the correct cables for both but it appears the HD Pro inputs are not sending any power out. Has anyone else experienced this? Don't really want to send the HD Pro back if at all possible. Any idea? Assistance greatly appreciated.
  8. I print below the reply I received from Line 6 about the Monkey problem and the fix that worked for me on my Mac:- Sorry for the inconvenience with Line 6 Monkey. Can you try deleting the contents of the following folder: Users/(YourUserName)/Library/Application Support/Line 6/Line 6 Monkey Make sure that you don't know have any of the Line 6 applications open and running when you delete these files. After moving them to your trash and emptying your trash, re-launch Line 6 Monkey and try again to connect and download your available updates. If you still receive the error message, please take a screen shot making sure to move the error dialog box out of the way so we can see the software list and the ESN displayed by Line 6 Monkey. Also, can you attach the files that are located in the folder to this ticket as well: Users/(YourUserName)/Library/Application Support/Line 6/Line 6 Monkey Regards, Line6Hugo
  9. I was advised by Line 6 to clear out everything in the Monkey folder on my Mac which did the trick!
  10. Apparently after talking with Line 6 support they say it's a problem with the European servers as US seems OK and they've had a number of complaints but only from Europe. Think they're going to have a look into it but the more of us that complain, the quicker they may do so!
  11. Hi, Anyone else having a problem with Monkey not connecting to the Line 6 server? Started happening about a week ago. I have to download updates directly from website in interim and upload manually which is a drag. No problem with my internet connection and can log into my Line 6 account via Monkey but it's saying it can't connect to the server to check for updates?? Chris
  12. Still not working though! I'll try and re-flash the Floorboard to see if that does the trick
  13. Ah ha!! Now I see, the plug marked FBV doh!! I'm an idiot! Trouble is when it's in the rack, I have to fumble around behind and just assumed I had the right input. Thanks for that.
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