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  1. The old cabs IIRC had actual solid plywood construction. I have a old Duoverb 2x12 cab which is not particle board and yes it sounds great with a SV100 HD running to it. BTW with 2 4x12 cabs and a HD100 your ears would be bleeding even with ear plugs. :)
  2. I had to nab one last year and Sweetwater was the cheapest. But be sure to shop around.
  3. It depends a bit on what size and usage. I've the Ernie Ball pop in casters on a couple of heavy combos and haven't had any issues but I am not using the 2" wheels for going through a parking lot. :) I picked up a set of these: Reliable Hardware Company RH-9006-SET 2" pop in casters of Amazon for $16-17 and TBH I think they are identical to the Ernie Balls. They have held up well for a ~ 70 lb combo. Now if you are talking gig transport with some mammoth wheels then others will have to chime in.
  4. You might be able to dig up an old editor for it somewhere. That should be able to list the preset names too. Unfortunately I never got into the AX series so I wouldn't have info in my box of keepers.
  5. Open Support Ticket with Line 6. This is a user forum and they may or may not see your message.
  6. I have seen a few HD Beans go for ~ $100, usually ~ $125-150.
  7. I use the same cable a Znake. I have to connect it in/in and out/out for an odd reason but it works that way for most stuff. Be sure to get the latest drivers for whatever usb/midi cable you use. There is a really good facebook group for the Vetta where you can probably nab some settings as there are active users there.
  8. Well done all around my man! Had a good Gary Moore vibe to it (for me).
  9. Hmmm - well you would need to read up Section 6 of the manual (Edit: its for the config - inputs/outs). Even if you had an dual tone panned patch with only one of the tones selected, head phones should have picked up the stereo. I'm am not going to suggest you open 'er up. Sometimes if the tuner doesn't see a signal it can point to a bad jack. But you have signal in. But check your cables, batteries (if active PUs) and then connect the unit to Gearbox and see what the patch settings are. If nothing checks out you will have to reflash the unit and hope that does the trick. After that its submit a support ticket to the L6 Mothership time.
  10. From this page: The guy did a diagram that might help you.
  11. Its all good Retro and I know there are others that have had the same thing happen. When I first got my HD I thought it was faulty until I realized I had the initial settings for volume and output wrong. :)
  12. Tough to say over a forum. Any sound through the headphones? Does the tuner see the guitar signal?
  13. Uncheck the archived box for some reason it was not moved and all the flash files are there. X3Live - Flash - All OS should help you find the one you need.
  14. I think Nico is pointing you in the right direction. There is a thread somewhere where the user actually disassembled and cleaned the sensor but I would not take that task on lightly.
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