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  1. Does anyone know of a qualified X3 LIve tech, that is reasonable, and knows the unit? TYIA conens
  2. OK, like chiolas in the link above, given by Guru, my pedal finally calibrated from 0 at the heel to 255 at the toe....the only thing I did differently than before is tap the C switch once more before slowly bringing the pedal back to the heel position. Crazy, but it registered 0 as I went the full throw several times to make sure it was done. I saved it with the D switch, a P appeared, I powered the unit off and on, and all seems to be in order. Thank you all for your comments. Ian Cone
  3. That would void my warranty. I am still trying procedures from the link posted above. The controller suggestion doesn't do anything at all, but turns itself off after moving the vol. pedal.
  4. Yes, exactly, point by point several times. Heel goes no further than 26, toe goes all the way to 255.
  5. Hello; Went thru calibration procedure several times on my newly purchased HD500x. Toe is correct every time, but heel will not set to 0. It sets to 26 every time I have tried to calibrate it. Has anyone had this problem? Have you been able to get it corrected? Thank you
  6. My helix volume pedal is set to global. When I use it, it is silent from 0 to about 25% of the throw, and sound comes on very abruptly. This doesn't mesh with my playing style. My other L6 volume pedals always worked from 0 to 100% flawlessly and very smoothly. I have looked thru the manual and online and in this forum without finding a solution. Any help would be appreciated. Conens
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