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  1. BillBee's post in which firmware is installed on JM4 was marked as the answer   
    Page 1-3 in the manual, the version is in one of the options under the save button.
  2. BillBee's post in POD HD 500x won't update flash was marked as the answer   
    1) Make sure the device is connected
    2) Download the flash file to your 'puter
    3) In Monkey chose "flash from file"
    Try a different usb port/cable and try again.
    Hope that works.
  3. BillBee's post in Flextone II - What's it worth? Problems to look for? was marked as the answer   
    The badge on top will have it labeled. In case it doesn't - XL 2 12" speakers and the Plus will have a jack for the expansion cab in the rear. They are open back cabs so yep everything is visible.
  4. BillBee's post in Toneport UX2 - no instrumentsignal was marked as the answer   
    You will need to install Pod Farm as well - either PF1 or PF2 depending on the UX2 - (redface UX = PF1 btw). There is a mixer page where you will select your input. For example set it to mic for the (well) mic. :)
    The manual is pretty decent too.
  5. BillBee's post in Can pod 2.0 power adapter be used for xt live/x3? was marked as the answer   
    Yep they are the same, specs are 9v AC 2000 ma. The PX-2 btw. :)
  6. BillBee's post in FBV SHORTBOARD MKII was marked as the answer   
    Hey my man, some people have use everything from zip-ties to hair ties wrapped around the switch post to keep the switch from depressing. 
  7. BillBee's post in Will my software add-ons work with a UX2? was marked as the answer   
    Yep purchased model packs are linked to your account and you should be able to authorize them for up to 4 devices. IIRC the UX2 comes with the FX Junkie.
  8. BillBee's post in POD studio UX2 no input from mic was marked as the answer   
    Do you have the input set to mic?
  9. BillBee's post in How to run 2 signals to 2 seperate PA channels was marked as the answer   
    Use right and left outputs of the HD, open HD Edit and pan the outputs - one hard left and the other hard right - then into the external mixer they go.
    There are a lot of good threads on HD routing to mixers here. Well worth a read.
  10. BillBee's post in Can't download anything from Line6 was marked as the answer   
    Hey Dude - just DLéd Monkey and the site is fine (for me at least). Maybe try a resume-able DL manager. You might have a system setting that is interfering with it.
    I'm using Firefox 43.
  11. BillBee's post in Good AMP for Pod XT Live? was marked as the answer
    This is like the old one I have. Click on the image and look near the top right it reads "effects". That is the FX loop. One jack sends the signal out and the other receives the signal back in (hence the loop). :)
    But any amp you look for should have this feature if you just want to use the XTL's modeling. Speakers can be changes and if you are just getting started "used" amps are a great way to save money. The Marshall Valvestates are pretty good for the $ too. They are a decent amp on their own and when you go to ~ 40watt (IIRC) they start to include a FX loop too.
    I would not spend a lot of money on a used Bandit 112. There are just too many options depending on how far you want to go.
  12. BillBee's post in POD HD mounting bracket was marked as the answer   
    I know exactly what you are talking about. I took one of the rubber feet to the hardware store bought bolts, washers and nuts (I can't tell you the size as its been over a year). Screwed them in the bracket and put electrical shrink tubing over the threads. I use the amp handle of a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 in lieu of the mic stand. You could probably use a couple of the thin velcro cable ties to really secure the Bean to the mount and stand, if onltyfor peace of mind. :)
  13. BillBee's post in Would like to have success beyond the Vox A-30 TB was marked as the answer   
    You can always put a Tube Screamer up front with no drive and just use it as a "volume push" for the amps in which you need more volume. DSP permitting.
  14. BillBee's post in How to download model packs I bought? was marked as the answer   
    There is no "download" it is an authorization allowing the device or Pod Farm to use them.
    For example an Pod XT would go through the L6 License Manager and you would see a screen doing the authorization (or installation) to the unit itself. After it is done, upon rebooting the model packs would be seen in the splash screen at start up. There is a menu option too to scroll to them (IIRC) but I can't remember it off hand.
  15. BillBee's post in Can you change the order of the effects in the signal chain? was marked as the answer   
    Hey there,
    With the XT series you can "to an extent" change the order but only pre/post for some fx (mod, delay) and the volume control. So it is pretty limited compared to an HD but still enough to make some good tones. Check out page 1-6 of the manual and it will give you a visual signal flow graphic.
    Hope that helps!
  16. BillBee's post in bought a used xt - what do I need to know/do? was marked as the answer   
    IT should be good to go my man. As long as its not registered to the old owner you won't even need to contact L6.
    Off hand only issue I can think of is if you are running a Mac with the latest OS upgrade Monkey issues are being worked on.
    The model packs really biring some life into it btw but it does pretty good on its own.
  17. BillBee's post in Pod Xt going crazy was marked as the answer   
    Hey there,
    I hear you, this happens once in a while with my XTL. With the XT off, try turning all the knobs about 20 times left then right all the way round. Sometimes the knobs get dirt or dust in them and the encoders get a lil jumpy.
    IMO your XT is possessed by some good tones only :)
    Hope that helps,
  18. BillBee's post in POD 2.0 direct - cleans sounds "thin" was marked as the answer   
    Hey There BJBx2 :)
    Been a few months since I did some editing on the ole 2.0, but for cleans (IIRC) it was the blackface amp which I would fatten up with analog delay (~224 ms) and a splash of reverb. Try the general tube preamp, which is about as clean as you can go also fatten it up with delay and maybe some lower mixed chorus. Don't be afraid to try the phaser in lieu of a chorus - I almost prefer it if it is not too heavily mixed in.
    You can run in stereo out to the PA which always sounds good. The times I used it with a board I ran it: left to an amp right to the PA (no floor wedge at the time). 
    For me it's easier to dial in distortion than cleans :)
    Hope that helps
  19. BillBee's post in Saving a preset to create your own dual tone was marked as the answer   
    You can save it to an empty slot via Gearbox.
    IIRC you can drop and drag the presets too.
  20. BillBee's post in Can't record decently with UX1 was marked as the answer   
    This does blow - I did a search and whew there have been some interesting threads about "pops, crackles, spikes. etc." - iirc there were ideas such as "turning indexing off" , "graphic card interference" "amd processor support" and more. Never really came across a certain "fix" 
    As it was working fine, the big question would be "what changed?" (the UX1 or your PC).
    I would try the UX1 on a different pc just to narrow the field down a bit - if it checks out good - head back to the laptop and check the input and output settings (DAW, Farm, Windows internal volume settings for out) PF is working its just the signal into the DAW.
    After that I venture into the land of guesswork :(
    -Run a virus trojan/adware scan - can't hurt anyway.
    -Try the laptop in a different room on battery only - who knows
    - The unistall/reinstall shuffle.
    Wish I could be more help.
  21. BillBee's post in Removing T-75 Speaker Buzz was marked as the answer   
    If you are talking about the classic greenback GT12 - the best way is to change to another speaker like a V30. The 75's early breakup is what they are known for. You could try dialing in less lows and highs and boost the mids but its not going to help that much. IMO a great speaker.
  22. BillBee's post in i got a used pod xt pro was marked as the answer   
    The first step would to connect it to your computer, launch L6 license manager and see if you can register it.
    You may have to contact L6 support if it is already registered and see what they can do.
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