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Pod Xt going crazy

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So I've owened the Pod Xt for more than a couple of years. I mainly use it to practice every once in a while. After not having played for some time I decided to jam a bit. I think the first thing I did was update the firmware to the latest version. That was a while back ago, since I started playing again I noticed that whatever preset I use on my pod the settings seem to change constantly out of the blue. As if the pod is possesed by some entity, I'm playing a specific preset and it keeps changing the amp model or the Eq settings of that specific preset on the fly.


I've tried factory reset, re-installing the firmware and model addons that I purchused a long time ago but the problem persists


Does it mean that my pod finally gave up on me?

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Hey there,


I hear you, this happens once in a while with my XTL. With the XT off, try turning all the knobs about 20 times left then right all the way round. Sometimes the knobs get dirt or dust in them and the encoders get a lil jumpy.


IMO your XT is possessed by some good tones only :)


Hope that helps,


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