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bought a used xt - what do I need to know/do?

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Looking around it seems there is a lot this thing does that is tied to accounts/online things. 


I am perfectly fine with just using the default options unless I want to buy the upgrades... but I want to be sure I can buy and use them when/if I want to. 


With the HD 300, I have it registered to my account and all that - is this possible with a used device? can I update it and all that good stuff? Is there anything I should know/look for/not do/etc? 


Thanks. \o/



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IT should be good to go my man. As long as its not registered to the old owner you won't even need to contact L6.


Off hand only issue I can think of is if you are running a Mac with the latest OS upgrade Monkey issues are being worked on.


The model packs really biring some life into it btw but it does pretty good on its own.



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