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POD 2.0 direct - cleans sounds "thin"

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Have used a POD 2.0 for a long time, but usually only for certain sounds and into an amp.  I play a PRS and either into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or Mesa Boogie.


I now need to use the POD all the time in direct mode into the sound board for performing live, not recording.  Have done as much EQ'ing and adjusting at board level as possible but cleans still sound "thin" or "tinny".


Now throwing in pedals for grit and distortion sound more normal, but not happy with the cleans.


I have always based the Pod "clean" on the 1D preset based on a Marshall. And of course I flipped through the other presets but most have effects, not really meant for clean.


I have added some more reverb but still not liking the tone.  I will continue to experiment but was just wondering what tweaks some experienced "direct" users might suggest to focus on. 













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Any help at all would be appreciated.  I continue to sort through various settings trying to help.

I certainly understand that everyone is looking for their own "ultimate tone".


However I am sure those that have used POS's  in direct sound board mode might start with some basic default settings for cleans.  That is all I am asking for.


Perhaps I need to delve into settings that I have not previously used when playing it live.






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Hey There BJBx2 :)


Been a few months since I did some editing on the ole 2.0, but for cleans (IIRC) it was the blackface amp which I would fatten up with analog delay (~224 ms) and a splash of reverb. Try the general tube preamp, which is about as clean as you can go also fatten it up with delay and maybe some lower mixed chorus. Don't be afraid to try the phaser in lieu of a chorus - I almost prefer it if it is not too heavily mixed in.


You can run in stereo out to the PA which always sounds good. The times I used it with a board I ran it: left to an amp right to the PA (no floor wedge at the time). 


For me it's easier to dial in distortion than cleans :)


Hope that helps



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