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  1. Here is my report. You listen to music the following way: your computer + DAC or ODAC + AMP + headphones or speakers. Cambridge DAC100 is the "DAC" part. Then you will need an amp(lifier). However, if you listen via headphones, you need headphones amp. DAC100 works with (speakers) amplifier. It has RCA output. It's "too loud", (distorts sound no matter what you do) for ANY headphones. (even 300 Ohms ones). Then there is "Audioengine D1" DAC which is cheaper (perhaps because it's more specialized) and sounds considerably better via headphones, just because it has hi-fi quality built-in headphone amp as well. Then there are BLUE headphones that don't need separate DAC and also have their own Amp inbuilt. However, these are "closed" headphones. If you listen to classics or strings exclusively - you won't like them: too much bass, no "air".
  2. I guess I need some explanation how ANY $7 USB external sound card is an option that is CLOSEST to the POD500 in terms of the sound quality but not only (also "color" of sound, etc.). Also how ANY device on that link has the same or almost the same chips.
  3. Thank you for your kind reply. I know it's stupid, but I want JUST "external" sound card for my laptop. Like for to listen to music on my computer. Sometimes it's lossless music recordings, but not always. Sometimes videos on Youtube or Vemo have great sound track in them. Sometimes BLUE-Ray movies. That's what I want to listen to. So technocally I don't need it to "pre-amp" my own microphone or let's say Yamaha keyboard. Just "external sound card". That's it.
  4. POD500 has a very unexpected twist in it: as “a bonus†it works as USB Sound Card. I listened to it once and… I cried. I cried because I missed my life worth of THAT quality music. I connected $50 Sony stereo speakers to it and OH MY GOD, it was unbelievable. That was the moment I knew that whatever is inside that POD500 thing is magical. It made my cheap speakers sound like million dollars. I am considering buying that POD500 and use it JUST as USB sound card. It costs $500 and it’s very bulky. So I was wondering, is there perhaps that “bonus†sound card that sold separately or what would be the closest equivalent of the sound processing chips used in the POD500? Thank you!
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