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  1. Update/ I found the 412VS-B straight cabinet after months looking for it on the internet all over the world from England to Japan to Europe, and Canada and whats funny is the person I sold it to in Wisconsin 4 years ago, turned it into a music store in Kenosh, Wi. as used and I snapped it up last night for 399.00/ now I finally have the Line 6 full stack, its got a few small marks on it but its in good condition overall, I'm very happy I located this awesome 412VS-B straight bottom Vintage 30 cabinet, now I finally have the line 6 full stack. I remember this thing was so loud I got ringing in my ears, this beast defiantly will blow the walls down. I also have the matching full size foot board to go with the HD 100 Mk1 head, so its time to hit the stage............
  2. I own a HD-100 Head/ and the 412VS-T celstion "30 Vintage Series" Slant cabinet/ I use to have the matching Bottom 412VS-B straight cab celestion "30 Vintage Series"/ This full stack Rocks and the 412VS cabinets rival any Marshall Cabinets, unfortunatly I sold the bottom 4 yeras ago, and have kept the HD-100 Head and the 412VS-T slant Cabinet in prestiene condition with the padded covers and stored, now Im trying to locate that matching 412VS-B bottom and I've searched world wide and cannot get it, I wish Line 6 would produce these supreme cabinets again, in possibly a re-issue, many people have complained that the 299.00 standard 412 cabinets aren't that good with speakers tending to blow and the sound is not that good, and I would agree, however the 699.00 "30 Vintage Series" cabinets blow the walls down/ I still use my half stack which my friends comment "they can't belive the sound quality," Line 6 if your listening please try to do a limited Re-issue 412VS-B straight cabinet, this cabinet has the castor inserts on top to mount the 412VS-T. I see the 412VS-T slant is still avalible, and anyone who reads this should buy whats left of these excellent top of the line cabinets, while you still can get them, the're under the "Factory Closeouts" section on Line 6 website. The 412VS-T cabinet "30 Vintage Series" which originally priced at 699.99/ are a steal on Line 6 web site for just under 500.00 dollars(489.00). the 299.00 standard 412 cabinets are not the 30 Vintage Series and don't have castors, they set directly on the floor and you might want to stay clear of them on e-bay, They are a much lower quality cabinet and are not the same speaker cabinets as the VS.
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