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  1. @Edstar1960, which locking tuners did you end up using? I'd like to do the same with my JTV59 but haven't had tome to find the right size without having to bore the headstock holes or drill new screw locations. Thanks.
  2. If you pull the bridge flush to the guitar body, it will likely require a height adjustment of the bridge and saddles, thus negating an angle issue. If you like the string height where it is, I suggest looking into a Tremo-No type device to lock it in position, or as you mention place something under the bridge, but that could look unsightly and fall out.
  3. Korean JTV-59 bought used from Guitar Center, started off at 1.5 / 5. After a change of strings and basic set-up I give it 5/5. I love this guitar and plan to sell two ESP guitars to pay for this JTV and a second one. Nothing like being invited onstage, find out the band is tuned down a whole step, turning a knob, and saying lets get it on. No one knew the difference. Truly awesome!
  4. Maybe just my experience, but i found the 2.0 instruments to be all a bit quieter, thus not hitting the front of amp as hard. Likely doesn't fix the Spank issue some are having, but definitely required pushing my volumes up (I had not touched my gains yet). Wife let me play for four uninterrupted hours yesterday, so something is working (Line 6 voodoo).
  5. Sweet playing and nice wailing on the strat setting. Are you doing anything special with the Dr.Z (screamer, amp/cab DEPs) or just tweaked to taste? Thanks for posting this.
  6. I have to ditto what ddell and others have noted about this being a definite improvement, thanks Line 6! The new workbench inspired me to make my first custom guitars too. Took the 89 bridge pickup and set it up on the Lester, strat, tele, firebird, and special bodies. Gotta say the firebird body with the 89 bridge does it for me. What a blast!
  7. "FRFR certainly is a different animal", yeah once you start keeping this in mind, it becomes much easier. I've been playing along with favorite songs and trying to mimic what I hear on the albums as that what's going to be heard in your monitor and at the FOH if you play out. What's also interesting, is either the other bandmaster don't care or it sounds good to them with me going through the pa at practice.
  8. I just started using a QSC K10 and this finally brought the Pod HD500 alive. Still a bit of a difference from a real amp, but now I know what I sound like to the crowd for the most part and much closer to patches i've made with headphones. Definitely a feel difference between amp/ cab types. As for leveling patches, you can pick up a cheap sound level meter at RadioShack or what I do mostly is play patches against the same backing track(s) that are at a fixed volume. Not perfect but takes some of the guess work out.
  9. The info presented, which is excellent, begs the question: Did Line 6 do this just to mess with users? Why reinvent the wheel with basic eq principles at the expense of confusing/frustrating users more? it appears little narcissistic on their part. Thanks again to those putting the time in to de- code.
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