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  1. Where can you get piezo pick ups that work with Variax guitars since Full Compass is out and Line 6 has stopped making them.
  2. Is anyone using a variax with a Firehawk FX and if so what are your experiences and tips.
  3. Thanks I will be using it with my Line6 Firehawk FX so it should be fun.
  4. I am about to pull the trigger on a JTV-59 and am wondering if anyone had some tips on starting with and getting the most from the instrument.
  5. I have a Firehawk FX and was just given a Cry Baby wah. Can not figure how to hook it up to get it to work. Tried direct instrument input on wah pedal to guitar and them amp out on pedal to guitar in. I get volume but as soon as I click on the pedal to get wah engaged no volume. Even reversed the cables in case the was was mislabeled but received the same thing. Any ideas? If you have used a external wah pedal please help and advise exactly how you hooked yours up. Thank you
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