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  1. still no word from line 6 about line 6 monkey for Catalina no firmware update and no pod farm 2 for pod x3, this sucks I will never buy anymore products from line 6...
  2. Well I had plans buying the Pod HD 500X but now I’m not gonna do it knowing that most probably line 6 is not updating their software to 64 bit and if they will it will not be in the small future. I don’t actually know any other hardware that doesn’t work with 64 bit software it seem that line 6 is the only one, pity.....
  3. Psarkissian, thanks but there’s no solution there for me I own podx3, Any idea when line6 is Planning to release line6 monkey and pod farm 2 for Catalina?
  4. bengersfood, thanks for your reply, I don't really care about line6 Monkey the point is that I need firmware and pod farm 2 to add effects to my recordings and it seem that the only way to install firmware and pod farm 2 is through line 6 monkey. and as for now Line 6 monkey and pod farm 2 both are not available as 64 bit so it is not available for Catalina
  5. No, it’s been a long time since Catalina release still no word, also nothing to to with Catalina, line6 should have come with all their software with 64 bit years ago, I will consider twice next time if I will plan to buy a new gear from line6
  6. Still waiting for line 6 monkey and pod farm 2 64 bit for Catalina , this sucks still no word from line 6 about it. Need desperately to install pod farm 2 to add some effects I need, line 6 should give us some clue when they are planning to release the update.....
  7. Same here, I need the line 6 monkey for Catalina to install the pod farm 2 through there pod farm 2 is also not working with Catalina as I look at downloads, really need to use some of the effects on my recordings, hope line 6 will come with an update in the very near future or at least give us a clue when they are planing to release the update 64 bit for Catalina
  8. Hi guys, I have the Podx3 and would like to install Line 6 monkey, flash memory and pod farm2 on my updated MacOS Catalina sadly it is available only for MacOS Mojave, anyone has a clue when it will be available for Catalina? really need to add some effects with Pod farm 2 for my recordings, thanks
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