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  1. Rossnivenmusic, very much true line 6 just want to sell they don’t really care as well as they don’t want to spend money to pay to developers to fix the issues, well they lost me as a customer and more will follow so in the long run the lost will be for them.....
  2. erichpkins, thanks for your reply, I already tried couple of times to reinstall the driver with no luck, I opened a new ticket, thanks for your time and all the best...
  3. Erichopkins, thanks Ive managed to install the pod farm 2.59 in my Catalina even though it was showing only Mojave available, only thing is that pod farm is running only in trial version I registered my podx3 on line 6 website but somehow the license manager (SCAN FOR DEVICES) can't find my hardware podx3 while on line6 website it shows that it is registered, any clue how I can make license manager to be able to scan my device that I will be able to have pod farm as full version? thanks
  4. Erichopkins, how did you managed to install pod farm on Catalina? I was able to install the driver and the license manager but pod farm is available to install only on Mojave, can yo please help, thanks
  5. still no word from line 6 about line 6 monkey for Catalina no firmware update and no pod farm 2 for pod x3, this sucks I will never buy anymore products from line 6...
  6. Well I had plans buying the Pod HD 500X but now I’m not gonna do it knowing that most probably line 6 is not updating their software to 64 bit and if they will it will not be in the small future. I don’t actually know any other hardware that doesn’t work with 64 bit software it seem that line 6 is the only one, pity.....
  7. Psarkissian, thanks but there’s no solution there for me I own podx3, Any idea when line6 is Planning to release line6 monkey and pod farm 2 for Catalina?
  8. bengersfood, thanks for your reply, I don't really care about line6 Monkey the point is that I need firmware and pod farm 2 to add effects to my recordings and it seem that the only way to install firmware and pod farm 2 is through line 6 monkey. and as for now Line 6 monkey and pod farm 2 both are not available as 64 bit so it is not available for Catalina
  9. No, it’s been a long time since Catalina release still no word, also nothing to to with Catalina, line6 should have come with all their software with 64 bit years ago, I will consider twice next time if I will plan to buy a new gear from line6
  10. Still waiting for line 6 monkey and pod farm 2 64 bit for Catalina , this sucks still no word from line 6 about it. Need desperately to install pod farm 2 to add some effects I need, line 6 should give us some clue when they are planning to release the update.....
  11. Same here, I need the line 6 monkey for Catalina to install the pod farm 2 through there pod farm 2 is also not working with Catalina as I look at downloads, really need to use some of the effects on my recordings, hope line 6 will come with an update in the very near future or at least give us a clue when they are planing to release the update 64 bit for Catalina
  12. Hi guys, I have the Podx3 and would like to install Line 6 monkey, flash memory and pod farm2 on my updated MacOS Catalina sadly it is available only for MacOS Mojave, anyone has a clue when it will be available for Catalina? really need to add some effects with Pod farm 2 for my recordings, thanks
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