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  1. If these would be priority, a pc editor would be secondary, or even never to happen. For me it is a turn off.
  2. Ī¤ouch screen and mobile app, are turn off for me. More important is to have all amps and effects that are currently on helix, plus separate power amps to create my own amps.
  3. And I though it was missing the the pushing air circling from the back of the canin to the tubes...
  4. Here it is. Try this. ANd seriously, it has the sound of the bright cap.
  5. I have the XT1. And it is really better than the variax. It sounds like an actual guitar. It has really great acoustics. And can be used with any guitar. I have a JTV 69S, Variax 700 and variax 300. All collecting dust so far...
  6. Go here , sign up, and download the bundle. Keep whatever you like. It blows the standard models
  7. What is this and were can i find it? Is it alsoon helix floor / native?
  8. Hi there. My variax bass piezo is lower volume on the A string, i think it is dying. Can i replace it with my variax 300 guitar piezo? And if not what are the alternatives
  9. Thanks, that was the thing I wanted!!!
  10. Yes, that is exactly that! My question is, should i use the mic to output? and if yes what in - out should i choose?
  11. Help! I recently added a talk box, in my helix, and want to reamp with it some old solos. What procedure should i follow? What ins and outs should i select on helix and program?
  12. Man, what a great collection of tones! Thank you for your great work and for sharing for free!
  13. That is normal behaviour sincMeatplow 2.hlxe you put it on parallel. One way to mute all, is to assign on the same footswitch, a volume effectb set to 0, on the other chain.
  14. Do yourself a favor, subscribe on this site and download this:
  15. Galien Krueger, and aguilar are my favorites. Nice comparison man.
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