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  1. Try this https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0
  2. typo! fs1 https://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/standard-strat/fs-1
  3. upload it here , i have helix floor and native and i will help you
  4. Same here. And this is the end of helix for me. First helix scribble strips dead. Second phantom power no working. 3rd big rotation knob no rotating and now headphone knob broke. I love it but all the craps, made me hate it. I will sent it for repair and try to find a sucker to sell it.
  5. At the output, (end of chain, last thong u see on screen) change the pan of left right to right left?
  6. Soupro... after 3 years i found out that by lowering the bias on supro, it goes crunchy to jimmy page tone asap . Give it a shot.
  7. You can, BUT the acoustic models will not sound so good ( if you care about them)
  8. I think this makes them out of phase. Sound goes more back, weaker and wablier.
  9. Open a support ticket, line 6 has great service!!
  10. Double take is my go to for every patch i am doing. Usually goes like this: amp sent to dual path, one path is double track, dry 0 wet 100, hard pan 100%
  11. I love to say its out, its out, and people start hating me in tgp... i believe that if it will be out, if i will be the first to say, they will not believe it anymore... muahahahah
  12. I dont bother anymore with amps. Helix is really awesome.
  13. Will have it on mind next time we buy alcohol!!!
  14. Currently status: sailing

    Most probably back at february 2020

  15. Thanks been looking for a reason to drink! Will carry on about sailing, was drinking with ukrainians, were looking for a reason to drink, (no more name days or birrhdays) and finally we drunk for the glass that is square bottom and not round....
  16. Lovely one with the retsina!!! Now absolutely seriously, one time that i was sailing, (i am seaman) i brought ouzo with me. I shared it with the crew (filipinos) and they put fanta orange juice. I was shocked, but they insist on me to try it, and honestly it is really a great combination. Now greeks want to kill me though !!
  17. That is crime indeed!!! All people should know by now that wine is better with sprite or soda, not coke!!
  18. Nah, goats are not my style mate, they run to fast for me :) Could tell you my fantasies, and those things i already done, but they are not relevant to helix, p.m. me if you like.
  19. In synopsis.. Helix : takes seconds to turn on is touch sensitive is black has many holes is economick Is not complaining If it could bring a beer, i would be the first man to marry it... Well done line 6.
  20. That is awesome!!! Now if youtube turns to youporn, i could do all my favorite things in life (guitar, games and sex) with helix!!! Guys you just made my ideal wife!
  21. Absinth. 1 cube of sugar. See you tommorow.
  22. Now this gone personal... *?@! Coke.
  23. What is these pounds and F' standing for??? I knew cooking was hard, but now with the hieroglyphs, i am pretty sure i will never cook.
  24. arislaf

    Delay settings

    150 to 100 is slap, with feedback set to 5-10, and mix to 11 before amp. 290-300 ms, with feedback to 25-35, mix 11-12, is for lead. If you use them after the amp, same settings, just rise the mix to arround 28-37
  25. Didnt know that batman was a vocalist. Nice tunes though.
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