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  1. SteveJohns

    PowerCab+/DT25 integration - Mix and Match?

    So far (as of 20191021) you cannot do this. I would love to see stereo DT25/Powercab+ via L6 in the future! More info here: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Allow-DT25-or-DT50-and-PowerCab-to-be-a-Stereo-Pair/966279-23508
  2. SteveJohns

    Helix II

    I declared the question of wireless forever solved last month when I paid $40 for a brand new small send/receive pair that works great. I would have thought I was the last one to arrive at the party, but perhaps not!
  3. FYI re: Helix and control of DT25/50: (as of Helix FW 2.82 and HX Edit 2.82) If L6 Link is connected, the DT25 disregards MIDI commands to the power section (Topology, Power Amp, Tube Config). This means the legacy Helix template preset 'DT25-DT50 Remote', which is programmed to offer footswitch commanding of the DT power section (via MIDI messages) *will not work* when the L6 Link is connected. So, be aware! You can, however, save 8 different power section setups (Topology, Power Amp, Tube Config) in Snapshots and recall them from the Helix over the L6 Link. You cannot (per my experimentation) command the DT25 power section via footswitch buttons (over L6 Link). Unlike most other parameters, the Helix won't let you assign these to a footswitch. In summary, using L6 Link, you *can* set up your Helix to give you DT25 power section variations at your feet, and that is (must be) done via Snapshots. This info was confirmed by both experimentation and consultation with Line 6 Support. Now you know (if you didn't already)! Since there are 8 Snapshots, but 16 possible combinations of Topology, Power Amp, Tube Config Topology (x4) Tight, Loose, ZNF, Resonance (I-IV) Power Amp (x2) A or AB Tube Config (x2) Triode or Pentode you won't be able to put every possible combination into a single preset. Attached are 4 preset files : DT25 cA 01.hlx 8 Snapshots of Class A setups, varying Topology and Tube Config DT25 cAB 01.hlx 8 Snapshots of Class AB setups, varying Topology and Tube Config DT25a cTri 01.hlx 8 Snapshots of Triode setups, varying Topology and Power Amp DT25a cPen 01.hlx 8 Snapshots of Pentode setups, varying Topology and Power Amp Enjoy! DT25a cPen 01.hlx DT25a cTri 01.hlx DT25 cAB 01.hlx DT25 cA 01.hlx
  4. SteveJohns

    Helix - Common pre-process for 3 or 4 Paths?

    Yes, thanks, I'm aware of the Line 6 Ideascale, which I applaud. It's a great way to both capture/save the ideas and to provide the users perspective on how many ideas there are competing for consideration!
  5. SteveJohns

    How to monitor audio output of a Helix block?

    Thanks for the comments. Using snapshots to effectively turn off the paths I don't want to hear at the moment seems like it is probably the most efficient way, lacking that "magic check box". If each path ends with a gain block (during development at least) it's reasonably straightforward to set up the snapshots to effectively "solo" each path.
  6. Hi. I wonder if there is a "wizard's trick" which can be used to allow quick monitoring of the path/block output at a chosen point in a complex Helix patch. IOW, I would like to *very quickly* check out the sound at a given point along one of my paths in order to judge what that path is contributing towards the total. In my ideal world, any block could be radio-buttoned-checked to have its output sent directly to the mains for listening, then un-checked to return things to normal. Since this functionality per se is not present, I wonder if anyone knows a tricky-trick to have a similar effect with minimal time/effort.
  7. SteveJohns

    Helix - Common pre-process for 3 or 4 Paths?

    Still on the "Can't be done?" list (for confirmation or disproof): 1. Adding common post-processing to the 3-paths as shown above. 2. Same idea(s), but with 4 paths.
  8. SteveJohns

    Helix - Common pre-process for 3 or 4 Paths?

    Yes, I like that. You've created the 3-path version of what I described. Thank you very much! I appreciate also the pithy comment re: how the the gain blocks are the key to creating the path splits. Being still new to the Helix, such little insights save me alot of potentially lost time.
  9. Hi, What I would like to do with the Helix is to take the guitar signal in and process it with a block (e.g. a compressor, or the Wah), and then fork that processed signal into 3 or 4 separate FX paths (e.g. 1A, 1B, 2A or 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B) before having the final summed result go to the outputs. I realize I could get the sonic equivalent by duplicating blocks (e.g. 3 or 4 compressor,s or 3 or 4 Wahs) at the start of each line, but that is what I'm trying *not* to have to do. I get the impression that this cannot be done, at least not directly. Is that mistaken?
  10. SteveJohns

    About EXP Pedal Toe Switching

    OK, thank you for your comment!
  11. SteveJohns

    About EXP Pedal Toe Switching

    Hi. When using onboard EXP1 and EXP2, changing between them via the Toe Switch, i encounter the situation that in order to change from one to the other I always have to leave the source by moving up to 100% (in order to get to the Toe Switch) and then subsequently enter the destination at 100% (upon the first tiny move of the pedal after switching) because that's where the pedal is after activating the Toe Switch. Is there any way around this? For example, is there a function that I could assign to one of the stomp footswitches that will toggle the Pedal between EXP1 and EXP2 (and back) without having to move the Pedal itself (to activate the Toe Switch)? Put another way, I would like to switch the Pedal between acting as EXP1 or EXP2 -without- the act of switching in-and-of-itself altering the current value of either EXP1 or EXP2. Can it be done? If so, I appreciate a few words about how to do it. Thanks!
  12. SteveJohns

    Helix ASIO driver and Cubase 10

    Also, great discussion of Re-amping Through Helix on p. 54-55. Very nice to be able to record wet and dry at once via USB. Good design!
  13. SteveJohns

    Helix ASIO driver and Cubase 10

    Thank you to those who commented. I appreciate it. I understand much better now that I've made it down to the USB Audio section of the manual, and the picture on p. 53.
  14. SteveJohns

    L6 Link

    Well, it turns out my DT 25 was still on firmware v1.0. Please be advised (from my personal experience!) that DT 25 firmware v1.0 does not support being commanded by the new Helix (v2.81) capabilities. Once I upgraded the DT 25 firmware to v2.0 (simple and direct to do using Line 6 Monkey (v1.77)) the Helix/DT connection "just worked" (even with the plain-ole mic cable, which I will upgrade for ultimate reliability and longevity reasons). I offer congratulations and praise to Line 6 for making Helix FX and DT amps work together like this! I understand it's been a long time coming, but now the point is, IT'S HERE NOW. (And it rocks!) Good job Line 6! Thank you for coming thru with a superb solution that really serves the guitar community in a major way.
  15. SteveJohns

    L6 Link

    Hi. I just got a DT 25 into the house and I would like to connect my Helix (v2.81) to it via L6 link and command the amp configs. Using a normal XLR cable for the connection, and after making the settings in the Helix patch for the DT 25, I observe no action at all - as if the cable were not even connected. My understanding is that I -should- use a 110 ohm AES/EBU cable, and ultimately I'll be happy to do so. However, it was also my understanding that a "normal" XLR cable should actually be capable of carrying the link (though not very highly reliably). So, it is hard for me to tell if the complete non-performance is only because of the cable, or if I have not configured something in the Helix/DT combination that needs to be configured in order for it to work. Can anyone tell me (or point me to) more about this subject? Can anyone testify about their personal experience of making it work? Thanks!