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  1. I am with you on the angled headstock, I have a Variax 700 and it has this. Not sure about the wider nut, as it stands now the JTV-69 has a fingerboard as wide as an aircraft carrier's landing deck. At this point I am thinking about just putting on a new neck maybe from Mighty Mite. Thanks for your insights and comments.
  2. Well after experiments with some dense foam to deaden the sympathetic vibrations from behind the nut I still wasn't happy. There was still the issue with the tension of the higher strings because of a lack of angle (yes I have the original tuners which are height staggered) so I decided to do a couple of things. First I ordered a replacement nut from Line6 via Compass, it's pre-slotted so it's up to whatever their specs are and it seemed right on as far as nut action and raised the height on the G, B & E strings slightly. Next I ordered some Blk TUSQ string trees and installed them per their recommended specs and removed the foam I had previously put in place...guess what, viola all my issues have been solved. In my opinion James Tyler's specs are off; there's just not enough angle on the headstock solely from the staggered tuner. That's why everyone is experiencing all these issues with sympathetics vibrations; now with the string trees in place you can see all the strings now have the correct angle that matches that of the Low E. Hope this helps others experiencing this issue.
  3. If you guys want to discuss advanced techniques then please create a separate post on this topic. It's extremely inconsiderate to hi-jack someone else's post so please show some decorum and abide by rules.
  4. I have to believe I am not the only one experiencing this but I cannot seem to locate another thread on this topic so I thought I was start my own. It seems obvious that the D,G, B & E strings don't have enough angle breakage behind the nut to stop string ringing (and I don't mean the musical way, I mean the annoying way) so I am not sure why the headstock is not angled more or it doesn't come installed with string tension trees. In fact the E string is damn near parallel to the bridge from the tuning post across the entire length of fretboard which make this have a lot of tension. I have checked the neck with a notched straight edge and verified the proper relief using Fender strat specs (because I couldn't find any for the Variax) and everything is maintained properly. I even verify the fingerboard radius and ensure it was reflected within the bridge saddle heights so as far as I can determine this guitar is setup properly. I have therefore decided to install after-market string tension trees. Have anyone else experienced this? Did you use string tension trees or try to shim the neck? Just curious for any lessons learned on addressing this issue. Thanks
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