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  1. Thanks for replying not sure what Class my SD Card is but I'll get one a new one with no class.
  2. gavinbpage

    SD Card

    I've read a few help topics on this subject but nothing it helping. I had a 2Gb SD card which worked fine, but unfortunately lost it bought a new one, but 2 GB again, but I try to format it in the looper, it just resets it self. I've tried formatting it on my iMac to FAT16, but the looper just resets again. I've tried adding a folder called LINE6, but that doesn't work either. Changed the the name of the card to LINE6 that does't work. I've formatted it several times in there looper, but same results, I don't really want to go and purchase another card just in case it happens again, and everybody I know there SD cards are above 2GB. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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