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  1. Wow kid. You need to calm down and stop acting so entitled. It's nobody's fault but your own that you can't remember your password. There are no loops to go through. If you can't remember it, write it down somewhere. Read my post again. I never said anything about a shorter password. Most people don't have any problems at all remembering their passwords. And suggesting that you make your password something that you can remember is not an idiotic suggestion. It's actually a common suggestion when it comes to passwords. So drop the attitude. You're the one making it "personal".
  2. Having to log in once every 2-3 months is no big deal. Perhaps you should make your password something that is easier to remember. And the syncing is already automatic. That's why it says "syncing" when you open the app. There's no need to press any additional buttons or go through any other steps. If you don't want to log in while you're somehow "lying in bed going to sleep" while playing guitar at the same time, then skip the login and use the tones stored on your amp.
  3. Thanks! Now if only you could favourite one of your own tones without uploading it to the cloud first. The majority of the user tones are horrible. I guess the devs at Line 6 need to do a little better with quality control and making sure that the app is consistent across all the tabs (since the instructions given on the favourites tab are showing an incorrect icon).
  4. What version of the app are you using, and what OS (iOS or Android)? There is no "guest login" option (at least on iOS). You can click on "skip login" and the app works just like normal, except you have no access to "My Tones", "Favourites", or "Cloud", or the Music player (since it auto-searches the cloud for tones) The "amp" portion of the Amplifi still works as normal. You still have access to all the tones saved on the amp itself. And since the Music panel in the Remote app is simply acting as a skin for the native Music app on iOS, there's no need to use it anyway.
  5. Can you show me a screen shot please, with the latest version of the app? I know how it worked in the old app, but it doesn't work that way in the latest version. Your advice also contradicts what the app itself says (which also doesn't work, btw).
  6. How do you set favourite tones now? That feature appears to be broken in the latest version of the Remote app.
  7. Ah... one of the benefits of Mac I guess. I'm not aware of any consumer class amps that have that capability (I could be wrong of course).
  8. Yeah, there's no way to do that. For that, you should just get yourself a 1/4" to USB guitar interface to use as an input for your DAW and then use the USB on the Amplifi as your output, or buy a good pair of monitor speakers to output the sound directly from your computer.
  9. Yes, you can turn off all of the effects on the Amplifi TT and use only effects from a pedal board. Just use the Remote app to turn any effects off. You can't stream the output from the TT to a bluetooth speaker though. The bluetooth on the TT is an input only. Meaning you can stream music TO the Amplifi TT, but not FROM the TT. In order to send the guitar output from the TT to a speaker system you need to use one of the audio outputs on the back (either one of the Main Outs, or the Optical Out). You can also use the "Amp Out" jack to hook up the Amplifi TT to another guitar amp. Also, just to clarify what usnavychiefret said, you cannot store any tones on the FBV Shortboard. The Shortboard is an interface to interact with the Amplifi TT/75/150 only. All of the tones are stored on the amp itself.
  10. I'm not sure what DAW you're using, but I've used my Amplifi 75 with GarageBand a few times. To mute the amp's speaker output, just turn down the Overall (red) volume. Also, the way I managed to get a clean/dry signal is to create a preset that removes the amp and any effects. Under the "Clean" amps you can select either "no amp" or a tube preamp.
  11. It should appear, as long as the meta data matches (artist, song title, etc). Also, the favourites option doesn't seem to work any longer with v2.5 of the app.
  12. Did you install the driver (Windows only, if you're using Mac it doesn't need a driver) and hook up the amp to your computer via USB? You can update the firmware via an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) as well if you want to do it wirelessly, however it takes a lot longer to do. It's about 3-5 minutes via PC/Mac, and typically takes over an hour via an iOS device.
  13. It's there, it's just not called the "Amplifi Utility" anymore. It's been renamed to "Line 6 Updater".
  14. That's just how it works. It's incredibly slow to search for and load tones, and that slowness also affects the app when it comes to starting, stopping, and pausing tracks as well. It seems to be a combination of both the amp and the app. There used to be an option to save a tone as a favourite, which then would be loaded automatically whenever the song/artist was played so long as the information saved with the tone was set up properly (i.e. the artist name, song name, etc) but that seems to have been removed in the latest version of the app. Probably because it never really worked that well. Though oddly enough, the app still makes reference to adding favourite tones. Hopefully in a future update they'll add an option to turn off any kind of tone searching at all. Most of the user uploaded tones in the cloud are terrible and the "matching" system is a farce. If there are no tones in the cloud with that match the artist of the song you're playing, you get randomly selected tones matches that make no sense. For instance, playing "Put A Flower In Your Pocket" by The Arcs will get you tone matches for Coldplay, Paramore, and the Metal: Rhythm tone.
  15. Did you update the firmware to the latest version? If you just got it, it probably shipped with the original 2.0 firmware.
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