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  1. Another thing I just noticed (big): when the song finishes playing and I tap it to play it again, it always plays some random song from my playlist. The only way to replay the same song is to press forward, then rewind. It is acting exactly as a virus. Is this my phone only? How? I thought iPhones cannot have viruses.
  2. AMPLIFi 150 latest software upgrade, iPhone 6 plus. I updated latest OS upgrade on iPhone 6 Plus today, an hour or so later jammed using my own Playlists in AMPLIFi software. I play one song; hit rewind button to play it again. A hundred time before, this has worked as it should. Today, hitting rewind plays a totally random song from other playlists in the library. I hit forward. The song next in line from the one I am trying to play is played. I then hit rewind again. The song I was looking to re-play finally plays. This happens every time I hit rewind to repeat the last song - almost. Sometimes it totally jumps out of the playlist I'm playing from, and picks and chooses from the 10,000 songs on the phone. Wow.
  3. Thank you! Works! had tried that from the back end - thinking the last four, empty banks corresponded to the four on the amp.
  4. I have two Amplifi 150s, using with iPhone 6plus. On both amps the option to overwrite the four tone presets directly on the amp is unavailable. I did a google search and came up with people mentioning resets. I also did a reset once a long time ago but it was not very intuitive and I had hard time making the amp work at all. How do I write to the tone banks on the amp? Is reset the solution? What is the best way to do it? Do I need to backup the 100 default (and few I've customized) presets on my phone?
  5. 'lying in bed going to sleep' means "preparing for bed", Not "somehow" anything. Your reply is getting too personal. NOTHING to do with the discussion. I am trying to click on an iPhone app icon and simply USE the app - LIKE 99.99 OF ALL smartphone APPS are used. This is the norm not the exception. So start your logic from this point and STAY on it. Everything you said in your REPLY post is either subjective or opinionated: "Perhaps you should do this", "skip that". How about making the app idiot-proof, PERIOD? - Why do you think (don't over do it) smartphones are so popular? BECAUSE THE PHONES ARE SMART, NOT THE PEOPLE. Your suggestions are idiotic. As if I couldn't come up with "shorter password". YOU come up with shorter password. Nobody asked for your suggestion on passwords protocol. And unless you work for Line6 (I would not be surprised but I don't think you do) there is 0 need to offer idiotic suggestions that have nothing to do with the fact that this problem is real and should be resolved. The LOGIN AS GUEST button SHOULD BE THERE for the curious customer strolling through the amps selection at the music store, seeing the amplifi for the first time or having heard of it, deciding to try it, quickly downloading the app on his smartphone and accessing the app WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THROUGH LOOPS. The goal is to SELL THE AMP! The second goal is to USE THE AMP! Typically liberal PC way of over-thinking. Not productive and helpful to the discussion at all.
  6. iPhone 6+, latest OS. "Most of the time" is the problem. Why should anyone, instead of playing for 15-20 min. while lying in bed going to sleep instead curse himself for having forgotten the password, get up to log on to their computer to retrieve the bloody password, so they can instead of playing write an angry post??? Syncing??? Seriously? Remember the feature that made you stop your guitar playing and press an OK button JUST TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AMPLIFI SOFTWARE LOST CONNECTION AND IS RECONNECTING - ALMOST EVERY TIME YOU CHANGED A PRESET? Based on MY suggestion this feature was eliminated and now it is doing it automatically, saving the end-user silliness time. I now suggest this button is brought back, but with the SYNC function instead. In other words, make syncing automatic and prompt the user to acknowledge it. And design it so either the user or the software decides the frequency of the sync. NO MORE LOGINS, PLEASE!!!
  7. C'mon! What is the point? - Not your point, OUR point! I just want to click on the icon and use the amp. It's not like I am trying to use it illegally! I have been complaining about this login ridiculousness for ages! The best you could do was create a LOGIN AS GUEST button? - The LOGIN AS GUEST button does NOT give access to the player! Whom is this button for??? People without the amps? C'MON. PLEASE ELIMINATE THE REPEATED LOGINS! Why am I typing this at 1:15am??? I have already logged in a hundred times since I bought the amp! WHY? Unbelievably insensitive.
  8. With all the negative Amplifi software bashing lately (I have pointed out some of its shortcomings myself), I just downloaded the latest iOS9 update this morning and Wow! It's great! I installed the software, removed the old blootooth connection to the amp via my iPhone Settings, re-established a new bluetooth connection, turned amp on, opened Amplifi software, and was very pleasantly surprised with the new layout. It works! Easy access to all menus via the buttons on the bottom plus a new sexy red theme! Cycled through some settings, no bluetooth disconnect, so far! NOW this is a good product, right out of the box. Software looks and functions great. Thank you! When it's due, it's due.
  9. I have the latest Amplifi app download for my 150 model. I oppen the app, then immediately I pick a tone from my saved list of tones (Chet Atkins Lick, for example). Then I go to Now Playing, choose one of my playlists for accompanyment and get ready to practice. Except that the Chet Atkins Lick tone I picked gets overwritten with one of the handful of Tone Matches/Similar Tones list. Every time. If, however, without stopping the song playing, I cycle to the MyTones list again and re-+pick Chet Atkins Lick and then NOT return to the player that is showing the Tone Matches/Similar Tones list, the Chet Atkins Lick sticks. This is a bug.
  10. You probably use it more than me, but why should it require more than the first, initial login EVER is what I don't get. No changes have been made to my iPad that should require this added security. Unless I reset everything what is the point? - I honestly feel like I'm being punished for not using the amp more each time I see that Oops message and have to re type the bloody thing. If anybody in Line6 Devwlopment is reading this, please remove this annoying restriction. I promise I'll practice on my Amplified more. Thank you.
  11. So I don't log in to the Amlifi software on the iPad all the time. Is it so necessary for Amplifi to forget my username/password, just the same? Is there a choice to turn it off? This is illogical. One time is enough. Same iPad, same everything.
  12. Why can't it be done behind the scenes, silently and without an input requirement by the user? - Isn't it already inconvenient enough that it is a bug and that it does happen frequently - and sometimes the message pops up several times in a row? Just wondering. Perhaps I am in the minority here and nobody minds this repetitive pushing of the icon in order to acknowledge they understand what is going on. It takes "much" longer for the user to 1) keep pushing the non-working icons 2) wait for the reconnect 3) push the ok icon to acknowledge the comforting message that nothing is wrong with their ipad and 4) finally be able to push whatever icons they were trying to push in the first place, than to simply 1) keep pressing the non-working icons for a couple of seconds before, Whoom! the connection is back.
  13. Thanks, Colonel, for the detailed info! I appreciate it. Wow, lot of loops to go through in order to attempt direct recording. I was happy with the Spider Jam's recording feature to the SD card, actually. Mono or not, it sounded pretty decent when played back. Fender G Dec 3 owners (incl. me) complained about the 30 second recording limit, whereas the Spider Jam allowed for unlimited recordings, pretty much, at a very decent quality (for practicing purposes). These two manufacturers get rid of one feature to put in another and there is always some cool feature of the old amp not incorporated into the new one. Where would I submit an idea for Line 6 to try to utilize into their software the EXISTING audio recording feature (Voice Memos) on the iphone? On the other hand, this may sound like a misdirected idea... since the audio is coming straight from the speaker, the amp would have to have a dedicated plug, not the iPad?
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