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  1. I was Actually referring to the feature that comes up with tones based on the song. I think replacing this space with the AMPLIFi presets is the best way to go
  2. The AMPLIFi amps list is NOT alphabetical. If the MyTones was also not alphabetical it wouldn’t matter. As it is one has to stop practice, get to the MyTones menu, scroll down, blah blah blah. And if the sound is not what they’re looking for, then: AGAIN: get to the MyTones menu, scroll down, ad nauseaum. OR, having the option through a toggle switch to choose which list you want to be at your fingertips?
  3. During practice I play songs on my iPhone through the Bluetooth on the A150. Usually I only use one to three guitar tones. But the app changes tones to try to match them to each new song I play, as if trying to impress me. Not impressed. Is it possible to turn this off? Thank you.
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