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  1. My guitar-playing 18-year old son has rejecting using the Amplifi TT, even though I thought it to be a very useful device, especially in a university dormitory room. Well, myself not being a guitar-player (please forgive me) I don't much much credibility on the topic. "Dad, how do I change the DSP effects mid-way through a song? Does it have a pedal interface whereby I can quickly move between effects? Well, I have not seen a Line 6 pedal interface to the TT. I am mighty surprised that Line 6 did not release a multi-button pedal interface to the TT... unless I missed it somewhere. Then I got to thinking some more today... Is it possible to feed the guitar-input from his pedal output and have the TT not add any effects? This way, he can use the TT's Bluetooth to wirelessly send a signal to a Bluetooth enabled amplifier/speaker? Anyone have experience using the TT this way?
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