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  1. Hi Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I have the same problem! Thanks
  2. Old post but thanks for all the info - I was struggling too until I came across this! Thanks all!
  3. Sorry to comment in a very old thread but if someone could explain how to wire in an external looper I'd be really grateful!
  4. Hi Jaguar9080 Thanks for taking the time to reply. What you have said is really helpful - stops me wasting more time on trying to achieve what currently isn't possible with this unit yet (or maybe ever!). It's a shame that it's so slow as otherwise it's a cracking piece of kit. But sadly the delays do not put it much above my Blackstar ID Core Beam. Thanks again. Tom
  5. Hello All I do hope somebody can help. I recently picked up an Amplifi TT as I liked the idea of Bluetooth connectivity and the automatic matching of guitar tones to the track you want to play along with. Having played around with it for a while now, I have a playlist of my favourite jam along tracks, and have highlighted my favourite tones from the cloud. Now I'd have thought that by doing this, whenever the next track starts, it would automatically recall my favourite tone so that I could start playing straight away with the correct tone loaded. However, whenever a new track starts, it takes between 30-40 seconds for the right tone to be pulled through, meaning I then have to restart the track. I've tried saving the tones/patches to my tones and also the Amplifi itself, but it makes no difference. I've also tried selecting not to automatically load tracks, but that doesn't work and the app always spends ages retrieving other tones from the cloud. Finally, I've tried using the app on both my iPad and iPhone 6 and have the same problem on both devices. Does anyone have any experience of this? Maybe it's just something I need to put up with? Thanks!
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