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  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between flash memory and firmware? Line6 Monkey tells me that my jtv89 has 2.21 flash memory and 1.03 Firmware. I think the flash is current for my jtv89, but can't find out what the newest firmware is supposed to be. Thanks
  2. Getting back into my JTV-89 after not using it since I got my Helix. I know it must need to be updated with new firmware, I registered it with Line 6 in 2014, but it is failing to connect to my Windows 10 PC (which works great for Helix) via USB. So it sounds great thru the Helix via DVI, but I cannot get Line 6 Monkey to see it, I do have the latest 1.74 Monkey. Going into the Line 6 DVI/USB box directly into my PC Line 6 Monkey can't see the guitar but it does work with the latest WorkbenchHD, which sees the guitar just fine.. I do get both green lights on the box, but still can't connect to update firmware. I don't see any drivers to download. Any ideas?
  3. The two pedals I still need to use with Helix: Neo MiniVent (WAY better than internal Leslie sims) SP Compressor (digital comps can't match it yet) I don't even need to use the loops, Comp is before Helix, Neo is after (mono in/stereo or mono out)
  4. Although i am happy with the on-board tuner, there are lots of times I would like to be able to look down while holding a single note to check tuning during a song. As I play mostly in trio format, there is often no time to tune between songs. Would i just set up a send loop without a return? Does Helix need to see a return signal? Is using the headphone out jack the way to go? Thx in advance.
  5. Having a possible brain fart here, back when 2.01 came out I successfully updated my Helix. But now I have a new PC and am attempting to download the 2.11 editor first before the actual update. I have my presets and IRs backed up on my mac already, So the download page is a head-scratcher for me, no Editor link anywhere. Anyone? Thanks in advance!
  6. I have a similar problem, after 2.01 update all my IRs are gone. Of course I still have them in a few folders on my desktop, but a big mess and in the wrong order. I had assumed that saving a bundle before the update would also save my IRs, or at least the ones that were actively being used in my presets, since I did not lose them when I upgraded to 2.0. But all my restored presets are back with blank IRs. Any suggestions to getting them back, or at least how to save the IRs properly for my next FW update? So saving bundles only saves presets, not IRs, correct? thx in advance
  7. I am in the process of upgrading from 2.0 to 2.01 today and having a problem, the exact same problem I had with 2.0 I work all my music stuff on my mac and email and other stuff on my PC So, on my mac, after carefully following all instructions and committing the upgrade, my screen on the Helix just stays blank and does not go into rebuilding presets. Same thing happened with 2.0 and the only way I could get my Helix to accept the upgrade was to give up on the mac and go upstairs and do it on my PC, which worked. I wrongly assumed the the 2.01 would have surely fixed this mac related issue, but no. So am I the only person who has run into this on the mac platform?
  8. I am learning to like most of the pedal models in my Helix. The biggest disappointment for me has been the Leslie models. While somewhat use-able, my Neo Mini Vent is WAY better, so I often bring it along to gigs. I am a Leslie-sim freak, I also have the Rotosphere MKII and the awesome old Korg G4, but they have much bigger footprints. But since the whole point of me getting the Helix was to cut down on stage gear, I continue to battle tweaking the Leslie models. I did discover that having the Leslie engage footswitch also turn off the IR helps a lot, as well as turning off reverb and/or delay. The internal Leslies add an over-effected blanket and gross midrange to the sound. The one effect I never excepted to like is the Simple Pitch, for 1 octave down it is very good, almost as good as my EBS pedal. I did buy a Nano Pog, only to return it because of the lame crunchy digital latency in the sound, but the Helix octave down has none of that crap.
  9. As a huge Leslie fan, I am also disappointed with the Helix version. I sold my 145 years ago and went with a bunch of sims, Korg G4, H&K Rotosphere, Strymon Lex, and recently got a Neo Mini Vent. ALL of them sound better than the Helix version. In interest of simplicity I only bring Helix to my gigs now, and it excels at many things. But I still find myself turning the Leslie off a lot when the sound does not work for the song. All my sim pedals work in almost any song and of course I could always put one of them in the efx loop, but I am on a mission to dial in a acceptable Leslie on the Helix. I have found that putting it on a parallel path helps a lot, lowering the mix, as well as disabling the cab/IR, and also disabling reverb and delay. But I can't get away from that tanky midrange cloudy low-fi sound. Hoping for an update soon with a more hi-fi, less colored Leslie. Any programming tips or hints would be appreciated!
  10. I have only had this 2013 JTV89 guitar for a short time and the tuning pot has stopped responding to pushing it in, the light will not come on, even when I take the knob off and push by hand. The model selector pot works fine. I tried the trick of putting a small piece of rolled up business card inside the plastic knob to raise it up a tiny bit, but no luck. I tried it with the ethernet cable and also with 1/4" out, not that that would change anything. Oddly this problem started when I first fully charged the new battery that Line 6 sent me today (I bought the guitar new without a battery) Note that it worked when I had no battery in and powered it from my HD500X via ethernet cable. Is this a common problem, and I am guessing i need to get the pot repaired? Any other tricks to wake it up? thanks in advance
  11. Anybody had much luck programming Leslie that actually sounds close to a Neo Vent or a Strymon Lex? Or even a Rotosphere or a Korg G4? I am a guitar thru Leslie addict, and having trouble programming the Pod to sound decent. Have resorted to using my Boss RT-20 in the efx loop (my awesome Lex was recently stolen) and it sounds a lot better than any factory preset leslie patches, but I would rather stay in the box and not have an external pedal, and the extra D/A and A/D conversions. Having a patch that could have programmable speed ramping would be awesome, but changing speed manually with expression pedal would work. But the most important thing is getting the doppler tone correct in the first place.
  12. Thanks guys, all good now. Line 6 tech support came through with the specs and even offered to ship me one at no charge! In case anyone is needing to get a backup for themselves, he said the correct wall wart is: 12V DC and 1Amp with positive center terminal So it is a good thing I did not plug in the negative center terminal one I had on hand!
  13. Thanks, but I only need the wall wart part, I have the battery charging cradle Anybody know the specs on the power supply so I can get one at Radio Shack? thx
  14. I recently lost the power supply for my variax battery charger. Nowhere in the manual or searching this forum can I find where to get a replacement without buying the entire variax battery charger, which comes to almost $70 with shipping and tax. I think it is 12V and 1Amp with negative center terminal, but not sure, and not sure if it needs to be those exact specs. Also it appears to be standard stomp box sized jack, but the hole is actually slightly smaller so the wall warts I have laying around will only fit if I shave some plastic off the jack, which I will do if I know it is the correct power. Does everybody just automatically order a new battery charger when the wall wart dies or goes missing? Thanks
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