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  1. Any suggestions on a faster way to reload IRs after an update? 70 IRs @ 9clicks each = lots of downtime? Do we have to reset the Global Setting back to Snapshots after each update?
  2. ok I figured it out. I had to change the Global Setting/Footswitches/Banks/Snapshots Thanks
  3. Thank you. I need help on the global settings please.
  4. Thank you The snapshots appear on the editor, but not on the helix footswitchs
  5. What Happened? I backed up all saved setlists How do I avoid this with future updates? What are the global settings to enable snapshots? Thanks in advance Baker
  6. How many companies care enough to want to help you achieve great tones after you have laid down your hard earned $$? Line 6 baby
  7. Not Convinced? LOL Meet https://glenndelaune.com/patch%20downloads.htm Watch the helix videos
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