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  1. I'd be grateful for some help in working my way towards figuring out how the HD500, HD Edit software and JTV -59 work together, particularly regarding tunings. Specifically: can I change the tuning in Edit's Mixer tab by simply using the drop down "Step" menu? I.e., if I want to set a virtual capo for a particular patch? I can't seem to do it now. And while I've got you here...when I'm loading a patch, sometimes the LED on my JTV model knob is lit, and sometimes it is not. Which is right? Thanks for your patience. If anyone knows of a comprehensive document or forum dedicated to HD500/Variax integration, I'd love to know about it! Cheers -
  2. Is there a way that when I play a backing track to a popular song, the tone I have stored in "My Tones" with the same song title, will appear in the "Similar Tones" column in the "Now Playing" View? Does the licensing of the backing track prevent this? Also, in the Remote v 2.50, I can't seem to save any tones to favorites. I really want to like my Amplifi 150...I really want to... Thanks in advance
  3. I'd simply like to add yet another frustrated voice to this group. I've got nothing more to say than like all of you, I'm sitting with an amp that doesn't do the things I bought it for. I remain optimistic that Line 6 is working to fix the issue. I also remain disappointed with the lack of responses from the company. I like Line 6 stuff, but right now I'm just annoyed.
  4. I've scoured the forums and the web looking for help on this subject without success. I'm probably missing something very simple. When I want to jam along with a backing track on my iPad, I start the song playing in the Remote App, and the tone seems to default to something that I don't want. Is there anyway to assign a tone to a particular track? e.g., Track "Blues in C" will default to "Blues Tone 1"? Thanks in advance for any help.
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