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  1. I recently dug my Variax bass out of the closet and remembered all the promise this instrument had. I don't suppose Line 6 ever got around to releasing Workbench for it did they? I see that the product line is essentially bass free. It looks like Line 6 has written off bass players. Sad, I really enjoyed the bass but when I heard it was discontinued I shelved it since I figured if it broke it would just be garbage. I should just switch to guitar since that's all any company cares about.
  2. I've been a proud owner of a Variax Bass 705 since it was released. I've watched as bass products seem to slowly vanish from the Line Six catalog. Should I just give up on Line Six completely? I mean, as far as I know, they never even released Workbench for the bass like they said they would. Why has this company abandonded the low end? Do I just need to get a Variax guitar and tune it like a Fender VI to get what I had hoped would come from Line Six concerning bass?
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