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  1. Thanks very much!
  2. I have 2 guitars that are connected to the HD500x. The first is Tom anderson which is connected to the "guitar" input and the other is Variax Jtv69 which is connected to the Variax input. How to do a setting that the Anderson will go to an amp and the variax will be send direct to the PA?I will appreciate giving the instructions step by step...thanks.
  3. I had input 1 set to GUITAR + VARIAX and INPUT 2 to VARIAX
  4. I use another guitar connected to the guitar input, so changing input 2 to "guitar" made the other guitar louder... but when I selected for input 2 something that I don't use like "aux" it solved the problem and the two inputs were on the same normal level. So thanks to Edstar 1960 which led me to the solution.
  5. I don't want to lower the variax output, but just to lower the HD variax input.
  6. Is there a way to control the level of the Variax input? It is louder than the guitar input.
  7. I see many complains about the strat's modeling sound, even with 69 users. Aren't It's mags (the 69) suppose to sound like a strat? I find the mag's sound much more a real strat then the modeling (except of course, the bridge). just an observation.
  8. Is anybody else thinks like me that the acoustic sounds get worser from update to update? I had the electric 700 (which I sold) that had a very good acoustic sound, than the JTV (1.9) that had a thinner sound and now 2.0 which is the worst... Is anybody out there at Line 6?
  9. Can anyone give the link for downloading HD jtv89 bank (to custum 1or 2) for the jtv69? Thanks.
  10. I didn't see any comments about the acoustic guitar sound. I always loved the Acoustic-5 sound and used it many times instead of bringing real acoustic guitar. but now on the 2.0 it is very "sick, hollow and dull... right after I updated I had a gig and it sounded very bad and the soundman (a good one) could not fix it so I gave up the acoustic sound on that show. any other experience?
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