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  1. arislaf's post in Tones from POD HD PRO to 500x was marked as the answer
    use this , it will make your life easier.
  2. arislaf's post in nobody with the same problem? helix app crashes importing custom ir´s... was marked as the answer   
    Put them on your desktop... I know it sounds crazy, but for me that solved the problem.
  3. arislaf's post in Sound sample of the Shiva amp model in the HD500X was marked as the answer   
    Nice tone. Chances to upload it?
  4. arislaf's post in Volume matching was marked as the answer
    Need to sign up to download. Better do it, it is great site.
  5. arislaf's post in 5 High Gain models in Custom bank 1 in JTV-89(F)? Really? Was my guitar used? was marked as the answer   
    The 89 pick ups supposed to be on bank 1. At least after a certain firmware update.
  6. arislaf's post in When I Connect My Pod Hd500 To The Computer, Amplifier Makes Noises Like R2-d2. Why? was marked as the answer   
    If it is laptop, then run on batteries when you use both..If it is desktop... Too bad...I think this is grounding issue, not pod or amp problem, you have to live with it.
  7. arislaf's post in Pod Hd Bean Clearance At Sweetwater For $199, Jtv69 For $879 was marked as the answer   
    Monkey do that. First of all, your battery of the guitar must be charged. Second, the volume knob, more than 0 (put on max to be sure) and finally, connect a normal guitar cable to the guitar ( the 1/4 guitar cable ) while you do the update of the firmware. Same way is to use the workbench HD. 
    Please, let me know if it worked.
  8. arislaf's post in Preset Scratch And Does Not Perform Completely was marked as the answer   
    Give it back and take a new.
  9. arislaf's post in Any Help Asap was marked as the answer   
    As usual, try to reinstall the latest firmware and see if that helps.Although I believe tis is a hardware problem, but give it a shot. Or open a ticket with line6.
  10. arislaf's post in Pod Xt Live Through Pod Studio Ux2 was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you can, and you will not blow your UX2.Even better if you use a stereo outpod and from the pod to connect to the ux.But to use it you must run pod farm.
  11. arislaf's post in "dream Rig" Components Variax, Pod Hd500(x) And... was marked as the answer   
    that is the dream rig, you are correct.
  12. arislaf's post in Pod Hd 500x Amp´s Volume Issues was marked as the answer   
    just put a compressor after the mixer.the vetta juice will do the work without color :)
  13. arislaf's post in Two Questions From Hd500 User. was marked as the answer
    about the 2nd question, you will not have the ability your fx to be pre or post amp, will all be ONLY pre amp...
  14. arislaf's post in Pod Hd 500 Lost Memory was marked as the answer   
    Hard reset for begin.Press and hold the left button when you plug in the power cable.
    Afterwards, reinstall the  of the pod.
    keep us update!
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