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  1. Also please note that I have been working with the Support Team and they sent me 1, that didn't help, then another which had same result. They finally Sent me a G 10 S! so the uploads worked to the G 10 S for the other transmitter. Now they both work close to an hour which I will deal with by charging 1 while using the other! Best shot I got so Far!!! G. Scott
  2. Please try to update the new version I followed the Directions and it has Fixed my problem of color charging as Green Blinking not red. The update did give me an Hour of solid connectivity and I guess that is the best we can hope for! Keep in mind, the Farther from your unit the more Battery Drain. So don't expect to be out amongst the people. I think it's a Social Distancing thing to keep you on Stage but Whatever!! Please try the new new update and let me know if this solves your problems like mine fdid, granted I had to install, then unplug everything, Plug back in, then update for each time (Transmitter and receiver) G. Scott!!
  3. Hey Blink go back to the Line 6 page. In your support ticket, have them ship you a Relay G10S! to replace the other model you bought. Then go to Amazon and provide a Comment to Amazon about the failure of the whole line of Line 6 Products and services. I have had 3 times with Line 6 and they sent my another unit. This unit has no battery punch as well as I can use it for about 45 minutes before having to recharge it, It's not practical for Live Stage Use! would suggest rehearsal use only or go get another SHURE or AUDIO TECHNICS Wireless. More money but way more Reliable and won't burn your house down!!
  4. Well we are all in the same trash can! It seems Yamaha, Inc., DBA Line 6 don't care if the unit only lasts for about 2 hours (1/2 a Gig for most) No takes responsibility for the Idiots that don't understand the Lithium Batteries and not to leave them alone charging. Consider us Lucky that we didn't get caught in a Live a Board Boat that caught fire from several batteries being charged overnight without Supervision. 30 People Died to prove they are volatile!! I have returned to sanity with 9 Volt Batteries that you throw away or go back to my 25' Cable Sorry guys we all got the same BS!!
  5. I'm finding the same exact problem but I'm going direct into the Spider V 120. It shows full in the amp when I plug in my guitars and start to play it drops to 2 bars then 1 bar in 30 minutes. Then goes red after a few more minutes. There is a problem with the Lithium battery but Line 6 is refusing to recognize the problem. I don't think it's just the cable as I don't use the cable and it still drains like a Baby Pool!!

  6. I SEE! many are experiencing loss of full charge after installing the new updates. Mine shows full in the amp but when I take it and plug it in to my guitar, it drops to 2 bars then 1 bar very fast. Is 30 minutes all we are going to get for a Wireless... I'm thinking of going back to Mt AT> and I'm screwed on theRelay G10. Some one please notify me if you found a work around!! G. Scott Smith I wantded to add that I never throw out downloads and there is this file on my computer that says G10RX_1_1wuf. now I accidentally attached this file to give you a remote possibility to Retro your goofs to even thinking we should have updated!! Yer On yer own with this one gang I don't guarantee lollipop and given as is with no warranty or responsibility.. GSS. G10RX_1_1.wuf
  7. I just wondered if anyone has the same situation with the custom Tones available to upload. Some are very thoughtful and some, well you smoked too much green! Please describe at least the type of tone you are going for or an album, name, and even you that created it! There must be 100 Tones for the same songs but titled differently! Please add in the comments what you were going for. Please remember I want to keep my amp so volume levels are crucial! Thanks Guys some of these just need minor (Self imposed) adjustments!!
  8. Has anyone had any luck moving SpiderIV settings and how to migrate them to SpiderV? I'm trying to transfer some settings but don't find them to be compatible with new software. Any advice or options??
  9. After several calls to technical support I was told this could not happen for Mac users. That is pure BS. If you try to update your drivers and device firmware, it gave me an error loading divers. This deleted the ability to connect to Edit my settings. It basically burs out the USB slot in the Foot pedal. I bit the Bullitt and bought another Shortboard. It worked and after using it for 8 months this one is dropping connection errors as well. Please Be Warned........ These Products are not made to handle studio use, let alone live. I had to go back to My old set up. Separate foot Pedals on a pedal board!. and A Tube amp. Lets Face it, analog and Tubes can't be digitally re-produced! G. Snotty
  10. I'm having the same issue in OS El Capitain! Seems that there has been a driver conflict with all my Presonus Firestudio and connectivity to my Spider IV 75 and Shortboard MKII. After all new updates the Monkey doesn't allow me to select the Shortboard and it is not a recognizable driver in the list. The Web list shows the Shortboard but after installing it on the computer, it doesn't show up! Tech Support had me reset the Amp and I lost all the amp settings. I have the files I just can't get them to talk to each other!! Anyone have a workaround?? Scott
  11. I also have the same error with the new update so anyone that has a clarification.... When opening Edit, connecting to shortboard it asks me to choose the usb device and the FBV Shortboard doesn't show up on my choices. Customer service had me reboot my Spider IV 75, and I have lost the settings in the amp. They are on my computer but I can't connect to update it! This has to be a driver error. Neither the amp or the Pedal show up as choices. I am quickly beginning to become frustrated! They say it's my computer but I'm sure it is the new updates to Monkey and Manager!!!
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