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  1. Hi @tarming3. Why are you so sure that your problem is about the firmware?
  2. Would you dare to press that button a bit harder? When I got my POD XT Live I thought the pedal was not working properly because I couldn't activate the _Wah_ function by pressing it. When I dared to push it much harder, it started working. Now I know that activating that function requires a much bigger pressure. That being said, I understand that a pedal and a button are not the same, and I wouldn't like you to damage your unit by pushing a button *too hard*.
  3. @MustangMartigan I'm struggling with the same. The audio platform I use (Jack) sees the USB input as 39 KHz sample rate. The default sample rate for my native device is 48 KHz. Every time I record something from the Pod XT I have to create a project (in Ardour) for that sample rate, but then I cannot open it at any other sample rate without incurring in horrible distortions. For me it would be ideal if the Pod XT would a sample rate of 48 KHz, but I just don't know if that's even possible. Just as you have, I've found that the Pod XT Pro offers that possibility out of the box. Not so sure about the Live model I have, though.
  4. Thank you @GitDD. Very useful. I really need to learn to use that google thing you mention.
  5. Thank you very much for the pointer, @daveny5. I was hoping for something more referential, and definitely less Windows-dependent, because every time I need a Windows machine I have to grab a friend's (my own machine runs Linux). Anyway, this is the best pointer I've got so far, so thank you very much. I guess I will be ringing my friend tonight. :) Just as a side note, I must say that I find very strange that Line 6 didn't include such a basic and important piece of information in the user's manual. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would have benefited from it.
  6. Hello! I'm now the happy owner of a POD XT live unit, and I'm enjoying it very much. Unfortunately, I haven't found a single place (and I went through the user manual in detail) where the list of default tones is detailed. I would like to look up a document (pamphlet, card, cheat sheet, whatever), looking for the traits of the sound I'm looking for, in order to locate it easily, instead of going through all the voices, bank by bank, trying to remember (or jotting on a napkin) the ones I might be interested in. Does anyone here now of some resource that could be useful to me? Thanks in advance.
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