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  1. I just mainly record the guitar dry w/ the pod. I've been messing around with the channel volume on the pod and added a DOD FX10 pedal (clean boost), after the DS-1. I've managed to get the levels pretty equal.
  2. I was thinking and how could this be a clipping issue? The POD's output level drops when the DS-1 is engaged.
  3. I don't have an amp at the moment, hence the pod XT. Is there anyway to find out if the pedal is causing clipping? I'm not aware of a level meter on the XT. It could just be that it's on it's way out. The "Select" knob on the left doesn't even work anymore.. it just brings you to the "Manual" preset, so it basically just brings you back to the beginning. Luckily I can still choose presets or make my own with the Edit software. I also just figured out that I've had Pod Farm this whole time.. gonna try it out this weekend.
  4. Guitar -> Pedal(s) -> POD XT -> Recording Interface -> Pro Tools
  5. Hey, I'm curious which clean tone preset(s) are you favorite for using a distortion pedal with. I've noticed that some work much better than others. Also, whenever I use my POD XT with a pedal the level is always lower when the pedals are engaged. Has anyone else noticed this, or could it just be the pedals I'm using? My Boss DS-1 is the biggest offender. I get a good 3-4 dB drop with that thing, and that's with the level knob dimed.
  6. I thought that bit/sample rate could only be adjusted with the POD XT Pro; I just have the XT. Doesn't the XT run at one, constant rate? I'm trying to figure out what that rate is. Also, when using the regular L/R outputs it doesn't matter?
  7. What Bit Rate and Sample Rate should be used when recording with the POD XT? Is it the same whether you record with the L/R outputs or USB? Thanks.
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