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  1. I was using amp out and global settings. Some amp / pre amp models (less cab) into the amp I found were great, Roland JC etc give my Super Reverb a whole different thing and some of the amp pre amps better than the overdrive pedals. But I have since given the podgo away and gone back to the Nux MG-300. Whole different thing I know but I just want basic effects and I find the NUX comp and EQ just work better without a lot of knob twiddling. I also find individual effects (Chorus / Flanger / Delay) etc seem to tonally color the sound too much and it all ends up an electronic mess. I want a delay to delay the signal, not add a whole lot of bright / flat / mud etc. Each to their own. I have a friend at the moment going down this route and ended up with a FRFR PA set up and yeah its flat and you get the true sound of the Podgo, but its not like a nice guitar, with nice pick ups going into a nice amp. Its kinda like putting all your focus on the effects unit rather than Guitar / amp. Might be good for recording or through headphones in stereo etc but not for me. Reminds me when I was a young bloke and we all bought cheap nasty old cars, and then spent a fortune on them trying to make them decent lol. I know these are supposed to give you many different options all in the one box rather than be stuck with a singular sounding amp but nah..Don't see a session guy turning up to a recording session or gig selecting his amp for the day from a PodGo, or HX stomp whatever.
  2. I am a gigging player. I was pro stomp box set up myself and wanted that type of unit but I do not use many presets for eg 2 or 3 in one song is plenty for me. Mainly covers light rock and pop, duo stuff. So I might have my first bank set up Clean chorus, Clean boost ,Clean / Flange / Clean Boost sort of patches.....made up with different things of course. If you used more than that in one song I agree it would be a pain, like I wouldn't want to be switching to the next bank in the middle of a song. So my next patch is never more than one or two button presses away. My clean chorus patch may for eg have blocks compressor, Chorus, Delay, EQ.....the clean boost might have comp, drive, flanger, EQ, Delay......I just find its a lot easier to do it this way than tap dancing a pedal board of 6-8 pedals at once, once you get over that mindset. The next bank of 4 patches I might have set up in a similar way for a rock song, with OD rhythm, OD boost etc. So I start off in Bank 1 for a clean song, and bank 2 for a heavier song. I would have set up the Pod in the same way even though it has 6 stomp switches. Not sure if the MG-20 is the same animal. The Nux MG-300 interface is brilliant intuitive and easy to use also I found. Look, not running the Pod down in anyway. I am sure in the right hands and if you have the need for many things the Pod would have many more features than the Nux. Its not hard to use once you get into it and it has a ton of connectivity which I don't need. The Nux only has one stereo output. When you talk about gigging musicians I wonder if any of these guys have actually worked dark noisy pubs, beer being spilt everywhere etc. Some of the pedal boards must have at least 20 connectors, different power supplies. It's a lonely place in the middle of a song groping around on the floor trying to find a disconnect in your cables somewhere. Maybe ok set up on a desk top at home, 4 cable methods and such. All good if you have the need, its just not for me. The FX options in the Nux are limited but they work and they are good. I dialed in a Dave Gilmour lead tone in about 15 minutes. Was still searching three days later on the Pod. It may be all you can eat buffet syndrome lol. Maybe too much too choose from, get stuff you may otherwise not want out and overdo it. What I meant about the Delays etc coloring your tone too much is similar to what I have found with most multi effects units dating back to the 90's. By the time you add 3 or more effects it all starts sounding like an over processed electronic mess, to my ears anyway. I agree with something Tom Petty I think it was said. he said he had been through all the effects stuff, pedal boards etc and worked out at the end of the day there is nothing that will emulate a good guitar, with good pick ups through a good amp. I use effects to enhance the sound of my guitar / amps. I don't want them to be the be all and end all.
  3. I find the best thing to do is make your adjustments with headphones get them as close as you can, then switch over to the amp and EQ from there. It really depends on what you are doing. I like to use mine predominantly as effects, so I am more interested in setting delay times and such. Other guys I guess are more interested in tonal aspects of different amps etc and that is a different kettle of fish requiring flat response monitors / headphones. Like the other guys have said, play around with it. I got some great lead tones using amp cabs and I am just plugging into the front of an old school valve amp. Even cabs can sound good. Try them is the best way, you will soon find what you want. I have my Pod Go for sale now. It's a nice enough unit and has all the bells and whistles etc but its too much for me. I find the Comp / EQ's don't really work for me. Distortions and OD's not keen. I also found every different effect I added some tonal color that I didn't want. If I select a delay I want it to make my natural amp sound delayed, not make it brighter, or duller etc. I gone back to my little Nux MG-300. Good basic effects that work how I want them to and very easy to use. Dialed in everything I wanted in under an hour. I sat on the pod for days. I notice there are an awful lot of these used units for sale and the price is coming down fast. My feeling is the PodGo and similar is more suited to a person who doesn't have or doesn't want a heavy guitar amp, that can simply plug into FOH and get a simulated sound of a particular amp or wants to go DI into their DAW or recorder without mics. I already have a nice amp and want to retain its character. I personally don't think a Amp / Cab sim unit into a PA or anything else will be the same as a proper amp. It may sound similar but its never gonna feel the same. Just my thoughts of course, to each his own and whatever works best for you
  4. Yes of course, can use effects only and turn Amp sim / Cab off
  5. I understand that, what I was specifically asking is whether people are using them into the front of an amp using Amps and Cab sims. General school of thought is if you go into an amp you don't use an amp sim and particularly a cab sim. Just wondering if anyone is doing it
  6. Tried to set up a few snapshots within a patch today and something wasn't quite right. From what I understand from various you Tube videos is you set up the patch as normal. That by default become snapshot one. Then select 2, make adjustments and save....3 etc. It seemed like adjustments I had made in Snapshot 2 carried over to Snapshot 1? I must be missing something here? I was using Go edit to do it by the way. Should I be approaching it differently or saving it in a particular way? I just watched another video and they were setting up SS on the actual unit. I see they went into SS mode by pushing the up down pedals simultaneously. When doing it on Go edit I haven't actually gone into SS mode, and don't know how to. I simply chose SS 1, 2 or 3 from the menu above
  7. I think now the pod go set to instrument. Will setting this increase headphone volumes? So instrument is to go direct to your amp and line is to run to a DAW or studio recording device?
  8. Need to use my pod go at home sometimes headphones only for reference setting up patches etc. I have the big volume knob turned all the way up and it is ok, just but would definitely like a little more volume. I got a good set of Audio Technicas and I am sure they are not the problem. Is this a common complaint or am I missing something? Is there a solution or adjustment somewhere? I googled it but can only find people having issues with an imbalance of higher output to their DAW than the headphones. By the way I am using headphones with a 1/8" jack so need to use a 1/8 to 1/4" adapter. Should the adapter be 1/8" to 1/4" stereo or mono or otherwise? I am loathe to add extra gear like headphone amps etc, more cables, power supplies. is there anything I can do?
  9. Just wondering how I should set my Pod Go up to go in my Super (No effects loop). Essentially am only using effects, by passing Amps and cabs. Should I plug into the Amps normal Input 1 (low gain) or plug in to number 2? Is there anything I need to set on the Pod Go? LIne out? Instrument out etc? ATM I just plug in the guitar into Guitar in and Amp out to the front of the amplifier. Any help or advice appreciated
  10. Just wondering how I should set my Pod Go up to go in my Super (No effects loop). Essentially am only using effects, by passing Amps and cabs. Should I plug into the Amps normal Input 1 (low gain) or plug in to number 2? Is there anything I need to set on the Pod Go? LIne out? Instrument out etc? ATM I just plug in the guitar into Guitar in and Amp out to the front of the amplifier. Any help or advice appreciated
  11. I think I may have found the problem, in Global settings Amp out setting was set to Cab / IR, apparently I need that to main out. Strange that would be set like that as default?
  12. New user, just received my Pod go yesterday. Setting up a patch and selected effects for the first two positions. I turned the amp and cab off as I don't want them. Then started to add effects to the last 2 positions and can select FX and adjust ok but they are not having any effect on the output. I am just using the Pod plugged straight into the front of my amp. I have the leads plugged in guitar in and amp out. Would it have anything to do with the way the effects loop setting (on the patch) is in the chain? What do I need to have that set up as so I have one effect chain in the Pod Go and its not looking for an external loop? Or do I need a jumper cable or something in the effects loop input/output? Any help appreciated
  13. Well I don't know what happened with mine but with multiple attempts on and off, factory reset etc no luck. Wasn't recognized in the software but I could hear it was connecting to the computer. Same deal stuck at the red bean symbol. I can't say what I did different but after about the tenth time of restarting it, I walked away and left it and returned and miraculously it had booted up. Next thing I did was factory reset it then updated to latest firmware. All good so far. Have used it and turned it on and off a few times and everything fine. Will give it another whirl tomorrow make sure it is still ok. I had the power supply plugged into a 4 outlet thing so maybe the voltage connection is sensitive or something? Anyway everything ok now, even Pod Go edit working well
  14. I am having the exact same issue. The button lights flash on boot up but can't get past the red bean screen. I tried a factory reset no go. Then held the page right button down and restarted thinking I maybe able to do an update though go edit. It did just come up with a blank screen but can't get past that. I know it was working yesterday. I bought it secondhand and saw the unit working in a live video call so maybe something happened in transit. Help !!!!
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