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  1. i've made the catastrophic error of only using the spider valve for recording, so no cab sound and DI to interface. I was blissfully uinaware that this is very bad for a valve amp and as a result the amp no longer works. I get i will have to replace the Valves, which is fine but is there anything else that i could of damaged by running it this way?
  2. Hey Line 6 community, I'm looking for advice on a Variax transplant. I'd really love a Telecaster Variax and I'm wondering if the project could be simplified by NOT transplanting the battery and knobs etc. I realise this may seem strange but I got to thinking that the guitar is powered through the Helix so the battery would be redundant and also all variax presets are controlled through the helix also. So, is it possible to have a functioning Helix controlled Variax without the hassle of transplanting the whole system?
  3. Hey guys, Can i still download tones from the Custom tone section for my largely obsolete Spider Valve mk2? I don't see my amp pictured anymore so wondering is it still supported, if so can i just download tones for another amp?
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